Clothes and hair ideas?

So im in 10th grade & i persoally love fashion . I love shopping at forever 21, H & M Etc. I love the new styles there. I also love acessories like hats, fun different earings, braclets, scarves, necklaces, i also love shoes. I wear anything from jeans, to skirts. Dress tops to dresses to playing up baggy stuff. But i need some ideas to spice it up some good stores, some fun new ideas. Etc & also cute hair ideas to add to them, my hair is different everyday aswell. any tips ? websites & pictures would be awesome :)

Thanks nikkii ! :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you can afford it, never ever ever shop at Forever 21 or H&M. Their products are made horribly and cheap. If you really love fashion, up your budget (if possible). BCBG, Banana Republic, Zara, All-Saints, Anthropologie, LF Stores (if there is one in your area), Ann Taylor, TopShop, etc. are the places you should be shopping. These stores also tend to have personal shoppers that can help you style if you want some help.

    Winter season is fading and the new Spring styles are bright pastel colors. Fur, red and animal print were popular for the Winter.

    Usually blonde in the spring and dark in the fall is what most people do if they want to change their hair.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well I know this spring the new color is a nice caramel color. Chinos are back in styles ( SO CUTE) and also scarves. More women are being seen with scarves not only on their neck but on their heads now. Also mixing patterns are starting to show up more too. Like polka dots with stripes. I think a huge revolution for this year is the new style of being edgier. Shorter shirts, see through material, and looser jeans. The whole wearing brand named clothing (like Aeropostale, A&E, Hollister) is being played out now. Uggs are no longer cute instead leather 2 inched ankle boots are in. Stockings are really becoming more in style too especially with them under shorts. Like a nice tan color shorts with black sheer stockings underneath with boots and a nice cool edgier jacket. Also classy-ness is coming back too. Women are starting to dress with simple but elegant clothing like the simple but precious pearl necklace. Or the v-neck strapped white dress worn famous by Marilyn Monroe. For accessories feather earrings are in and huge studded earrings.

    For Hair, short styles are rocking it now. Celebrity's are cutting their locks. I think the whole long straight hair is becoming too common now too. Also updos are coming in too

    But try these: Chignon Bun, Boho-Hair Braid, Boho-Updo, Fishtail hair, Water Fall Braid. And The curly frohawk :)


    Source(s): My closest and my best friend ... She's a fashion genius
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  • 9 years ago some japanese or kawaii ebay shops!

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