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How do I make a call to Europe from Canada?

K I live in Ontario and I want to make a call to Rome Italy my area code is 705 so I need to know romes area code and anything else I need to know to make the call

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    Hi there,

    Let's say that you wanted to call the St Regis, a hotel in the centre of Rome. Its telephone number is 06 47091, where 06 is the area code for the city.

    However, you will never find a situation in Italy where you won't dial that number (unlike the US/Canada, you can't omit the area code even if you're within its designated area).

    Now, if you wanted to call the St Regis from where you are in Ontario, you would need to do the following:

    1. Dial 011, the international access code (for future reference, you must always dial this when in the US/Canada in order to call a country other than those two)

    2. Dial 39, Italy's country code

    3. Dial 647091 - note that the zero IS NOT included in the number. When dialling internationally to a number that starts with 0, drop it!

    4. Assuming you dialled 01139 647091, your call should now go through to the St. Regis.

    The above steps work for any non US/Canada number. Just substitute the country code (and the telephone number) and you'll be on your way!

    Hope this helped,


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    Don't make a call from your mobile because it's really expensive. Instead, find a payphone, maybe in the lobby of your hotel? Then buy a phone card and follow the instructions on the card.

    The international calling code from Canada to Italy is 011 39, then you dial the number you need, but leave out the first 0 of the area code.

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    Just as there are area codes - yours is 705, there are country codes. Both the US and Canada are 011. So you dial (maybe 1 for long distance first, that I'm not sure of) - 011-705 and the phone number. If it's a cell phone then you probably need to dial # (pound) first to access a network. On a landline you just dial it like any other number, you just add the country code. If you want other codes, just Google "country codes" and you'll get lists...

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    I'm not sure. Google it. But ps I live in 705 as well! (Collingwood) :)

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    Try 011705

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    dial, you stupid ****

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