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Are Coulter and Drudge the Asan Akbar of the Republican Party?

Newt has done more for the Conservative movement than all the other candidates who are still or have ever been in this race. Yet he has been severely wounded not by Liberal Democrats but by Establishment Republicans.


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    Coulter and Drudge are ideologues who, while I agree with much of their ideology, in my opinion are are too ridged in its implementation. As you said, Newt has done more for the Conservative movement than all the other candidates. I would go so far as to add combined. Unfortunately, "getting things done" in Washington is not a pretty process. The old "like making sausage" analogy comes to mind.

    While I do not believe in the 'ends justify the means creed' of the left, when faced by an adversary which openly considers politics war and is not bound by basic principles of honesty and integrity, and in fact uses those qualities against he right, some flexibility of ideology is necessary to get things done. While I respect Ron Paul's love of the constitution and the liberties and principles it enshrines, I am left frustrated with his inflexibility and seeming blind spot when it comes to protecting the very things he cherishes from those who would use them to destroy them. His inflexibility is why he has only succeeded in getting one thing done in all his years of service. Coulter and Drudge suffer from the same noble yet tragic ideological inflexibility.

    Not simply getting things done, but getting the right things done has never been more important to our country than it is now. One of the most important of them, after defeating Obama, is obtaining a majority in both houses of congress. Gingrich has done that before. Granted, in the process he stepped on toes and made enemies on both sides of the aisle, but he got it done. Did he do other things that were the stakes not so high would give me more pause? Of course he did, but then I do not like to watch sausage being made and frankly this country is starving for strong Conservative leadership that will not just slow our decline, but set our course as a nation back to prosperity, and get it done.

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    Newt's done a lot, I remember the whole thing. BUT there are 2 sides to Newt, and one side is very ugly.

    It's not just his wives he's screwed over. And the man is not stable. Great ideas? Yeah, not someone you'd want to depend on.

    They are telling the truth about Newt, sorry if you don't like it, but Newt Really is the Man on the Moon, he's OUT THERE

    Almost everyone who worked with Newt can tell you, the man is a jerk and he's a nut. He called Ronald Regan's USSR plan weak, and an abject failure. After Regan was gone he said "The Regan Era is OVER"

    Bob Dole is no disloyal Jerk, but he blasted Newt because Newt deserved to be blasted. The same with many more of them.

    I mean remember his calling the Ryan plan Right Wing Social Engineering? Hello?

    Newt is unreliable & he could do anything. The only reliable thing is he blows himself up, and those who depend on him as well.

    Source(s): Fox News is an unreliable source on Anything to do with Romney. They got us McCain remember? Because they lied about Romney, they lied about the primary deligate counts, they smeared him & the Media research center study shows Fox is Negative about Romney & positive about all other GOP candidates including Ron Paul. Fox's Rodger Ailes is a bigot against Mormons, he hates them, and he may be the source of the extreme bias.
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    Newt is a liberal, the man is not a role model to children, his wife is definitely not a role model for young girls, just for that reason and other areas in his personal life I would never vote for him. The man was also a lobbyist FOR FANNIE MAE ! He also supported the individual mandate, before Obama. He, also compared a man who destroyed the most evil empire in history, to one who helped expand another. He also cosponsored over 400 bills with Nancy Pelosi, supported cap n trade, supports "global warming", and was forced out of CONGRESS BY CONSERVATIVES ! And he also supports amnesty for the illegal aliens, and helped pass NAFTA !

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    Its a trap!

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