I dont know what to do with my life..?

i graduated out of highschool in june and i dont know what career i want ..well i mean I do..,my dream job is to be an actor.. but i know its difficult to be in the entertainment business .and i dont want to be one of those struggling actresses who works as a waitress or some crappy job like that so I just thought why not start a career first before i pursue acting like its good to have something to fall back on. you know like a plan B?.. making money along the way of my dream job..but the problem is i dont know what to do..I mean im kinda interested in working in a salon being a nail tech but will i be garenteed a job right after finishing the course?and im wondering if its expensive to start a course on it? because i dont want to spend so much money on a course/class for something im not going to do for the rest of my life...I also like animals...what are some good careers suggestions thats involves with animals besides being a vet?...my dad says that i should find a career outside of the fashion and acting business before i start acting like a regular job but like i said i dont know what to do its seriously bugging me...can you suggest maybe any quick courses i could do (maybe take up to 6 months) that would help get a good paying job?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Dont be an actor. Thats one tough gig. Unless you are rich and dont need money.While you are deciding what direction to go, I would look online for positions for retail customer service, they pay a little better than fast food or call center jobs and usually come with better benefits. Also, sales, again look online, you may find you have a hidden talent for different types of sales. Why not give it a try. Also, try Tele-Commuting, this is where you work at home for major companies, you have to have a PC. You may have to pay a little money to get special equipment or you may have to pay a little more to your internet provider for a faster connection. But in most cases you won’t have to pay extra or more for anything. Whichever you choose, make sure it can be something you can apply towards making it your own business eventually, one day in the future. If you can try some part time work on the side, do it and see if it leads to bigger things. Whichever route you choose, if you do get a part time job on the side, make sure that is valuable experience that perhaps you can apply towards creating your own business down the road. Be your own boss! Being my own boss is where it’s at for me. I am also recommending a website for you. This is a great resource to get a sweet offer on work at home opportunities and you could make some good money for part time hours. http://www.myidealoffers.com/

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  • 9 years ago

    It's pretty hard to get a good paying job with little education. Assuming you mean 50k+.. maybe you should be more realistic. People going to business, law, med, engineering schools spend years beyond years of time in order to get salaries from 60k-200k. I don't know how you expect to get more than minimum wage on 6 months of school.

  • 5 years ago

    Go volunteer someplace. Hospice companies far and wide the place need persons; discover if Habitat for Humanity is building some thing local and see how one can aid; go read to youngsters in the sanatorium...Consider past your self!

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