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Windows 7 blue screen 0x7B keeps restarting?

I recently reset my CMOS to default by taking the battery out and putting it back in after a minute because my computer wouldn't load past the bios screen. Now, it loads past the bios screen but windows 7 won't load because the animation runs for a second but then I get a blue screen with the error code 0x0000007B on it, then it will automatically restart. I tried using the startup repair and system restore but it says system repair cannot repair the computer automatically and the problem event name was "startuprepairoffline"! I really need my computer right now because I need to study for an exam tomorrow!

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    Installation goes like this, put the OS Disk in CD reader, as you are booting up, press F12, this will give you a Boot Menu, choose boot from CD, as it is firing up watch the lower left corner of your screen, when asked to press any key to boot from CD, do so, (any key). When asked the type of Format, choose Full Format, this will clean the disk right off, including bugs.Follow the prompts, job's done. Warning! Before you install, get all your goodies off or they will go in the format.

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    guess...the simple explanation


    SATA interface mode either IDE / ACHI

    better put it back to ACHI, you probably messed it up when clearing CMOS

    if not that, just check hard drive is 1st boot device

    **Note if it prevents it from working, then put it back and pursue

    the possibility that what actually happened was you installed an UPDATE

    and this has caused the 0x7B

    see microsoft site for answers to that.

    other issue

    you have to be ADMIN to restore/repair

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    nicely the only motives i could think of of is that there is something incorrect with the CD, Your annoying rigidity has undesirable sectors or something isn't co-working using fact of something else. when I put in 7 it does not boot using fact of my ipods being plugged in, disconnect each thing and then try it. If no longer placed all your courses on a exterior and format your annoying rigidity and deploy abode windows 7 cleanly. it could additionally be another application.

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