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Can someone list the names of the current NHL bankrupt teams?

Im just wondering what are the current teams that are bankrupt? Hockey is my favourite sport and I know the Coyotes are bankrupt and I know even though they are one of my favourite teams they will have to change locations soon so I was wondering are any other teams in this condition too. Thanks.

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    Currently there are no teams that are legally in bankruptcy. The Coyotes arent in bankruptcy court either, they have been taken over with the other 29 owners all invested in them for the moment. There are teams with financial difficulties however and it depends on how their books are viewed and how they are run as to how dire their straights really are. But here is a rundown of teams currently having issues:

    Coyotes...this issue will be cleared up by seasons end and try as he might I cant see where Bettman can save this franchise. According to "the books" the Coyotes have never turned a profit and only twice broke even.

    Columbus Bluejackets....this is an owner driven issue, he hasnt put a good product on the ice and the fans arent interested in mediocre hockey. I see them eventually as a relocate candidate.

    NY Islanders...take this for what it is worth. Wang is purposely tanking the team and threatening to leave if he doesnt get his "Lighthouse Project" approved but at some point something has to give. I dont see them moving far, they will get an arena in the vicinity because the tv market is too hard to walk away from and so is the team history.

    Florida Panthers...they might be closer to leaving than even the Coyotes with the lack of fanbase and general lack of interest in yet another mediocre team (although give them their due...they are playing well this season). Once the new tv deal is completed here is betting they follow that announcement up with one of their own....on where they are relocating to.

    New Jersey Devils...2 co-owners who hate eachother and cant find common ground are destroying this team. Again the tv market is too appealing to the rest of the league to give up on so expect resolution with one guy getting bought out (get your checkbooks out again other owners, this Bettman move will cost you again). Fans in seats is an issue but market size is too important to ignore, not leaving but financially troubled.

    Dallas Stars....they are currently having issue because of Tom Hicks but once the smoke clears and new ownership is solidly in place they will be fine. They are having cash issues (they did borrow from the league to make payroll) but this is short term and not anything that requires concern. New owners solve this problem easily.

    Tampa Lightning....more a product of past owner issues and bad contracts, I dont see them going anywhere as they are able to appeal to enough snowbirds to stay viable but they have had cash issues.

    There are a couple others who are having some difficulty (Nashville, Carolina) but not of any real concern yet. But I expect Phoenix and the Panthers to be in new cities shortly, both cant keep bleeding money in markets that dont seem interested is sustaining them (and this isnt a knock on the great fans of either city, there were great fans in Atlanta too but you need enough of them to sustain good cash flow and corporate dollars are reluctant to get behind either of these franchises.....I dont blame the diehards and actually feel for them).

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    The Phoenix Coyotes are the only NHL team at the instant in financial disaster 11 financial disaster. i'm going to notice that the Chicago Cubs filed for financial disaster 11 financial disaster secure practices this week (executed so, in line with an AP rfile, to advance up a sale of the club).

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    Montreal Canadiens

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