Whats South East Asia's Standard of beauty?

Well I've noticed that A LOT especially because I live in California of Asians have complimented me on how pretty I am or something.The ones I usually meet usually work here,here for the universities,or immigrants and are from Japan,Korea,China,ETC;they're usually ones that don't grow up here.There was an elderly Japanese store clerk I met the other day.I didn't know this lady,but she told me that I was gorgeous and I told her "really?"She said back home,I'd be considered that way.Which kind of started this question.Sorry if I sound full of myself right now.Most people over here tell me I look about average,but with the Asians I've met they've described me as extremely cute or gorgeous.Since most of them didn't grow up here,what could be their influence back home?



Sorry I guess I ment East Asia then..

Update 2:

I have fair skin,dark brown hair that almost looks black and dark brown eyes though.I don't think I look Asian either.

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    China, Japan, and Korea are not Southeast Asian countries. These countries are East Asian.

    Southeast Asian countries are:

    Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia, and Maritime Southeast Asia, which is analogous to the Malay Archipelago, comprises Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Philippines, Christmas Island, and Singapore

    Since there are sooo many countries in Southeast Asia and East Asia, it's doubtful that they all share the same exact standards of beauty. Maybe you're just an attractive person or maybe those people are just being nice/friendly.

    The doll-like fashion/look is quite popular in those areas, however.

    Here are some examples:




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    blond hair blues eyes

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    they are so sexy

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