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Why do bullies, you know, BULLY?!?!?!?

I am a big bullying target, not because I am ugly, or weird, or stupid, but because a rumor went around that I am suicidal. People also found out that I cut myself, when I am upset. I do that because I take it well at the time, and then take it out on myself at home. So, I was wondering why bullies, are so mean. I wonder who started this all. So why do you think bullies bully?

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    People who bully or trash others don't like themselves. Think about it; they're wasting time putting down others, and they somehow feel better when they put others down. All that time is slowly slipping by them, and there they are in their own sad world, when they could be doing something positive. Thank goodness there are lots of decent kids out there who would never think of trashing another classmate.

    You have to realize that you are WAAAYYY above these kids. They are SO not worth one minute of your time. And that means, you don't allow them to interfere with your life and who you are. You sound like a wonderful person, why would you let a bunch of losers make you withdraw at home, to the point of cutting yourself?? If they weren't around, would you still do that? Of course you wouldn't. So now, you have to completely ignore them. If they tell you that they heard a rumor, say, "Oh really? Well, that is SO not true", and then walk away. They can only get to you when they know things bother you. I can't say who started it all but when I was your age there was little to no bullying. It seems to have come from social media, facebook, texting, stuff like that. You can choose to ignore all those, too!!! Good luck to you!

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  • Bullies have no life. Most of them have actually been bullied or bossed around early in their life, and that usually comes from their parents. They bully to make them selves feel dominant, to make up for the past. Some, or let's say most of them do it because they think it makes them look cool. They think their actions impress their friends or people around them.

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    Oh and don't let them think you're devastated of what they do to you; instead, move on and live happily like they don't even exist :)

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    They do it to make themselves feel better, have you heard the saying thier happyness comes from someone else misery? if not, it basically states the more control they have over you, the more it increases there happiness and makes them feel better about oneself. Here what you can do to avoid this BE STONG BE BRAVE , Giving them Dirty Looks acting like it dosent bother you shows that what their doing is making them look like a fool !!~

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