Ontario Canada: what is involved to obtain a counselling certification?

any insight or links is appreciated.

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    There is a big battle between the psychologists and everyone else over certification. Why? It's the money honey.

    First, when discussing licensing in Ontario the term “College” means professional governing body responsible for licensing.

    Basically, to be a psychologist you have to have the full PhD in psych + a year of supervision + registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). Then and only then are you a psychologist. Most third-party insurers will pay for your professional services. Your designation is C.Psych.



    To be a social worker you need at least a BSW and registration with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). Your designation is RSW.


    But you didn't ask that, you asked about counselling. Anyone can call themselves a counsellor. Lots of people with training in psychology but who are not able to get a C. Psych. fudge it by calling themselves ‘psychotherapists’ because it is not a legally regulated term. My dog could be a psychotherapist; she’s a good and attentive listener,

    Good luck getting private health care to pay for your services unless you are a C. Psych. for sure or a master’s-level RSW maybe.

    Under the Ontario Conservative Mike Harris government the College of Psychology almost got a bill passed that would so restrict the practise of counselling that it looked like pastoral (religious) counselling, teaching and even parenting would be limited to C. Psych-holding people. Fortunately Harris was kicked out by the people of Ontario but stay tuned because you can be sure they'll try it again, those crafty psychologists.


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