What is the space between galaxies?

The dark space between galaxies in this photo:



Does time exist within this space?

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    Agreed, intergalactic space, and It's not entirely empty. The lowest estimate for intergallactic density is about 1 hydrogen atom per cubic meter which makes it a vacuum like no other, nothing on Earth can get close. But if you think about how many cubic meters must exist between the galaxies, then WOW. Lets plug in some numbers for fun.

    Distance between the Milky Way and Andromeda = ~2.5 million light years, with the exception of the Triangulum Galaxy (M33, which I will ignore) there aren't any large galaxies nearby. So try and picture a cube of "emply" space between the two galaxies (like two light switches on opposite walls of a perfectly square room).

    The volume of a cube = L*W*H, so in this case we have a cube that is 2.5 million light years (2.36x10^22m) on each side. If we cube this number we get 1.32x10^67m^-3.

    So that means that within this "empty" space there must be ~1.32x10^67 hydrogen atoms. How many is this? Surprisingly enough to make 10 billion stars. So you see, there's a lot more in empty space than you think.

    Source(s): MSc Astrophysics
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    To the naked eye its just space or vacuum.

    However there might be dark matter in that area, wich is invisible to the eye.

    A common mistake is to think that there is nothing there, when in fact there is energy present.

    Also time is a dimension wich envelops the entire universe. However the light you see from theese areas are old and so we we see this space relative to the earth.

    If you were in another galaxy and looked at the earth, you would see the earth 11.7 million years ago (nearest galaxy) and you would see the earth relative to the galaxy.

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    The Intergalactic Void (or Intergalactic Medium):


    Time exists there. Something to remember with a photo that looks out as far as the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field does, though, is -- because of the speed of light -- it looks back into the very distant past.

    Some parts of that photo are shown as they were almost 13 billion years ago!


    Source(s): Did I introduce you to that in my other question? Hee! :oD
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    G'day Aladino,

    Thank you for your question.

    Intergalactic space or just space. Time exists there as it does elsewhere in the universe.


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    There is space and dark matter which you can't see or feel but you can see it distort the light.

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    It's just empty space.

    Time is pretty much the same everywhere.

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    It's just space, has no matter or anything it's empty space

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