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Fish nitrogen cycle questions?

Do I use water conditioner weekly during the cycle? I have easy balance water conditioner . I have one little tiny tetra in my 3O gallons so I'm going to get 3 black skirt tetras is that ok? And lastly my gravel , heater and corners of the tank have white stuff on it, so tue bacteria has settled? How much longer should it take?

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    1. In most areas tap water has added chlorine , and in most warm climates, another compound is used, chloromine, which is slightly different. Without proper water conditioners, these can kill fish fish or harm the biology of the tank.

    I use Amquel and Novaqua both, anytime I add tap water. Very little is necessary and there's no real benefit to using more.

    2. yes you use conditioner(s) during the cycle; the bacteria you're growing are also damaged by the chlorine and chloromines.

    NOTE: There are ways to get around using them, but it's not worth the risk. Even water with no chlorine benefits from occasional use of Novaqua.

    3. if you add any fish a week after the cycle starts, they are way more likely to die. Do it now, or don't do it at all. NOTE: you can cycle the tank by just putting a pinch of food in the tank every couple days for 6 weeks.

    4. cycling takes 6 weeks, you haven't even begun to start cycling. The tank will look dirty, and maybe even smell.

    5. Don't do anything drastic; read up on cycling and learn how to use a simple siphon cleaner to do 25% water changes.

    6. in 6 weeks you'll do a water change of 30% or so, and then a day later, buy new fish.

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  • 9 years ago

    You cannot see the beneficial bacteria. Not sure what white stuff you are seeing, possibly fungus on uneaten food, or microworms, or planeria. OR maybe a calcium built up...

    You can use that water conditioner if you want...waste of money really.

    What do your water tests indicate? No way to know where you are in the cycle without water test data.

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    nicely, if the three fish die you do not could purchase extra the cycle will proceed without fishes, and its extra humane to do it without fish yet its additionally sturdy to do it with fish because it additionally enables initiate. you could shop the fish via doing 25% water changes and not overfeeding them. i wish this permits!

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