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What are the answers to these hockey questions (2/3/11) ...?

Its Friday and its been a long week so I wont keep you long. Question time:

1) On Tuesday the Sharks and Owen Nolan will have a new conference where it is expect that Nolan will announce his retirement. What is Owen Nolan's most memorable NHL moment?

2) With one more win, Ryan Miller will pass Dominic Hasek for the most wins in Buffalo Sabres history. What will it take for Miller to be considered Buffalo's greatest goalie of all time?

3) If you were the GM of the Blackhawks, would you be more concerned with your goaltending, or your defence and why?

4) Some locals in Winnipeg seem to be in all out war with Jets forward Evander Kane, claiming that he cheats on his gf, walks out on his tabs, and that his concussion is a result of getting knocked out at the bar. Kane and the Jets deny it, and now Kane is toning down his Twitter use, as well as his public outings. If these stories of Kane's actions are true, is it just part of him growing up as a star hockey player, or is he crossing the line?

5) Last night Dan Boyle shot the puck into his own net (bringing back memories from the Avs playoff series a few years back). What defenceman has the biggest tendency to put the puck into his own net?

BQ* Last night the Sharks beat the Stars, has JJ gone into hiding?

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    I am sure I won't know the answers but I can't NOT answer one of your Qs if I see it.

    1) See? I knew it. I got nothin'. I've always liked Owen Nolan. Such a cool name. Plus, he's Irish. You'd think he'd wait till the 12th, his 40th birthday.

    2) Stanley Cup. Oh, and the Stanley Cup. Wait...maybe the Stanley Cup.

    3) Defense. They are playing like a sieve. Maybe the goalie is, too. Either way they are in a mini slump.

    4) Crossing the line. Lack of respect for his team, his town, his GF, and hockey in general. The sport doesn't need yoyos like him.

    5) Gosh, I have NO clue. I wouldn't even begin to know how to look that up either. I tried. It didn't work.

    BQ* JJ was here last week but he's not on as much now. It was the day we were all complaining about the lack of decent Q's and former regulars deserting us.

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  • 8 years ago

    1) I don't know what his greatest NHL moment is, but I will say that winning the gold medal with team Canada in 2002 is the greatest moment of his entire hockey career.

    2) Ryan Miller will be the greatest goalie ever in Sabres history IF the Sabres win the Stanley Cup with Ryan Miller as the starting goalie.

    3) Defense. Anyone who watches how the d-men are playing will understand. Crawford and Emery are doing the best they can, but they can't do everything by themselves.

    4) If the stories are true, then it's him growing up finally. Patrick Kane has gotten into a lot of trouble, but he seems to have gotten his act together. Is it just me, or is there something about people with the last name "Kane" playing hockey?

    5) Since you named Dan Boyle, I'll say he has the biggest tendency to put the puck in the wrong net.

    BQ* He's busy eating crow right now; cut the guy some slack lol.

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Sorry, I don't remember/know him enough to comment on what his greatest moment would be. I've known of him...just not seen much

    2. I mean, I guess getting them a Stanley Cup. In my opinion Miller will never be able to surpass Dom in any other category except most games as a Sabre ever. Hasek was a one of a kind goalie, and I don't think Miller does anything that can really surpass the greatness of the Dominator.

    3. Defense.....Lidstrom always says, a great team starts with good Defense. To get to the goalie you have to get through the D-men first, so that would be what I would fix first.

    4. Kind of both. It does sound like he needs to grow up a bit, but at the same time he is young and allowed to make mistakes. He'll most likely learn from this. Chris Chelios was no "saint" but does that take away from his status as being one of the greatest US Defenseman? I don't think it does, others might. So i'd say it's up to who wants to do the judging I guess.

    5. I'd say Dan Boyle....but Coffey putting it into the Wings own net stands out too.

    BQ* Poor Chuck :( Stupid Sharks

    Source(s): Red Wings Fan :o)
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  • 8 years ago

    1. The all star game against Hasek easily

    2. Win 2 hart trophies, and lead his team to a cup.

    3. Goaltending. The defense has talent, one of the big reasons they won the cup in '10. However Crawford has been average this year.

    4. He's only 20 (my age). He's growing up in the eye of the public, and I don't think that is a very easy thing to do.

    5. Could be wrong, but I think Brooks Orpik put one in his own net in 05-06

    BQ: I would if it was me.

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  • 8 years ago

    1- Knocking the Blues out of the playoffs, YES!!!!!!!! ( just like remembering the Blues getting nocked out of the playoffs... maybe that makes me a bad guy....)

    2- A Cup in Buffalo...

    3- My team defense. Because they have not played team defense effectively and consistently since the 2010 playoffs. As far as trades? Wisniewski maybe? I honestly don't think trades will fix this, might need a new coach (hard firing a guy who got you a Cup, but this team can play a TON better than they are currently playing).

    4- Kane sounds like KANER!!!!!! I told you guys they were brothers. And this is just an athlete being an athlete, we tend to hide our athletes indiscretions in Chicago.

    5- Don't Know.... But with the Blackhawks defense, he should be a Hawk.

    BQ: More likely angry/violent, sorta like how I am now after that Oilers game....

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  • 4 years ago

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