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Senegal vs. Conure vs. Quaker?


I am getting another parrot and want the most intelligent one I can get with my budget. Anyone who's lived with atleast two of these parrots, which species is more intelligent?

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    I have had all three of these birds. The senegal is the least noisy of the three. I hardly ever hear a loud noise out of him . The conures can be very noisy. Right now I have a nanday and a gold cap conure. Both are very sweet birds and can be very noisy. I have owned a patagonian conure who could speak very well and was mistaken for a human over the phone. But if noise can be a problem this one can can be extremely loud. I have also had raised several quakers. Mine was not noisy but he was hand raised by me and well socialized. The others were quite noisy and could wake the dead. I would rank the intelligence about equal amongst all of them. I would rank the patagonian as extremely intelligent,though. The senegal is a clown and very active. He will amuse with his antics and loves to show off his acrobatic skills just to hear you laugh. The quakers love to please . The conures are just lovable birds that need supervision to keep from becoming brats. Whatever you choose try to get a well socialized bird. Handle it before buying. Good Luck!!!!

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    I love my three sun conures, but they are brats. Well, except one who is very intelligent and likes to snuggle and cuddle with me. The other two came from a home where they were ignored and scream really bad. My quaker Mickey is quieter than the conures, but he has his days where he is mimicking the puppy whining, making kissing noises, and yelling at the kids when they argue. He's prertty funny. My friend owns a senegal she is trying to re home at the moment. It hates men for no real apparant reason. She has to keep it caged because it attacks her husband and son from across the room. Her son was bit so hard he almost lost his little toe. But I'm not sure if that's because it's a Senegal. I have a conure that goes after my husband, but not like this!

    Source(s): Proud owner of a flock of cockatiels, conures, and quakers.
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