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kinds of sweets in ecuador?

i want to bring back sweets from ecuador for my family and friends

i would appreciate a list of sweets they have and the prices thanks

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    I would suggest bringing back some of the chocolate that is made here in Ecuador as this is the land where the cocoa bean was first harvested. A very good brand that is packaged esepcially for gift giving is Republica de Cocoa available in the candy section of both major supermarkets: SuperMaxi and Comissariato. On the package is a brief and entertaining history of chocoalte in Ecuador and how it has now become such a worlwide commodity. Packages of bars and smaller bite size samples are both come with this information on the package. Prices start at about $3.

    Other local sweets esepcially from the Manabi province can be purchased from street vendors but you will probably want to place them into ziploc bags for travel as most are home made and not very securely packaged. Most are sugar based candies mixed with peanuts (mani) or corn kernels or rice and are very sweet.

    Might I also suggest buying some of Ecuador's coffees? These too are rarely available in the USA and are quite good -- and buying them supports the small coop and communa industries that now grow and package them. Look in the coffee area and check the top and bottom shelves as most Ecuadorians drink instant coffee and ground (molido) or whole bean coffees are often pushed to the side. One of my favorites is Galapagos coffee with a picture of famous Lonely George the tortoise who lives on the island os San Cristobal. These run about $5 a bag and of course the best part is they won't brea while traveling.

    Hoping you are having a great time visiting this very special gem of a country!

    All the best from the coast near Salinas in the Province of Santa Elena!

    Source(s): Living here in Ecuador with a huge sweet tooth!
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