Is there a Master DNS server that allows access to ALL websites in any country?

I live in Canada and my friend said certain websites won't work in certain countries. For example he said Pandora.... I haven't used it b4 and would like to try it. Is there a DNS server that works for ALL countries and allows all Websites?

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  • rowlfe
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    9 years ago
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    DNS is not the problem, ISP routers are. Routers are programmed with restricted access points according to local law in some countries. If your IP address is in a restricted region for a particular domain, your packets stop at the router and are not forwarded. What you need is a proxy server so the router for the domain never sees your actual IP address assigned by your ISP, but that of the proxy. The proxy acts like a bridge connecting you to everywhere else. Do a search for "open proxy server" and see what you can find. There are sites which maintain lists. Open proxies come and go like the tides and the breeze. I leave as an exercise for the student to figure out HOW you set your computer up to USE a proxy server. If you can use a proxy, you can bypass router restrictions on domains by location. For example, say that I in the USA want to access certain entertainment in the UK. Copyright law restricts my IP address because I am not in the proper region, so I connect to a proxy in France or somewhere else in the EU and I can then get to the UK, maybe... No guarantees...

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  • 9 years ago

    Its based off of your Ip so you could use a proxy server otherwise is pretty similar to what you are looking for. If you need a proxy server just google one I would put some up but I am far to lazy plus it takes 5 seconds. Hope this helps man.

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  • lev
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    4 years ago

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