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Does WWE need another "Eddie Guerrero" in WWE? +BQs?

So as we know, WWE has a tendency to repeat gimmicks, nowadays people say WWE is making CM Punk look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Last year CM Punk pulled off a "cheat" on Alberto Del Rio, which was almost the same as the last match of Eddie Guerrero, where he pulled off the "fake" chairshot and won the match against Mr. Kennedy (Now Mr. Anderson).

So my question is does WWE need a "Lie,Cheat, Steal" gimmick back into WWE to respect Eddie?

I'm not saying a gimmick will bring back Eddie, I'm saying will the gimmick be entertaining to bring back? Maybe with a twist in the basic, but will it be good to have an "Eddie-like"character in WWE again?

BQ1: Does the IC Championship need better matches when being defended? I remeber how great the matches used to be when IC Championship was on the line, nowadays its just a one-on-one match, does WWE need to add some creativity into the matches?

BQ2: Who are YOU hoping to win this Elimination Chamber in the Elimination Chamber match from RAW and SmackDown? Why do they need the win in your opinion?

BQ3: Why didn't Chavo get pushed once Eddie passed away? Why did WWE make him participate in useless storyline and matches? Shouldn't they have pushed him to a higher position?

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    CM Punk tried to cheat on ADR and it worked, maybe WWE was testing something with CM Punk? Or maybe just honoring Eddie Guerrero. I don't think we need another Eddie Guerrero because there's only one Eddie.

    Having another Guerrero is like having another Undertaker, the chances of it occuring are pretty slim. WWE should have another Eddie, but to keep his legacy alive there should only be wrestlers who just imitate his art work and using it once or twice during matches.

    BQ: I think it does. I remember when the IC title main evented a PPV, that shows how much prestige it had back in the day. It shows how valuable the title was and how it was treated like a top title. WWE needs some better matches, better feuds, and putting some effort in the matches. It needs the prestige it once had.

    BQ2: RAW: CM Punk. He needs to go into Wrestlemania with good momentum, he needs to go into Mania as a credible champion with a good number 1 contender. He can't effort to lose the title now, maybe at Mania but not now.

    SD: Daniel Bryan. Again, mainly for the reasons above. D-Bry is getting good heat as champion, he's finally gotten out of the hole and he's finally in clean finishes for once. Having D-Bry drop his title now would be bad for business because we need a D-Bry vs Sheamus feud once again. They did it for the US Title and it was good, imagine if it was for the World Title.. it'd be 10x better than the first time.

    BQ3: Because WWE wanted someone more "talented". I don't think Vince saw Chavo as a world champion or a serious contender to be involved in such a thing. Chavo did get somewhat of a push when Eddie died.. he got involved in a feud with Mysterio and got him injured, that's probably the biggest push he got until he became ECW Champion.

    But like I said, I don't think Vince saw Chavo having alot of talent, he probably saw more in Mysterio.. and it all comes down to business decisions, Vince knows Rey could make alot of money, and he was right.

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    I would say the Eddie Gimmick would go good but i dont know who could do it unless they brought Chavo back which they probarly wont.

    bq1:Yes they really do.

    Bq2:I personally would like Either Kofi Kingston or R Truth to win the Raw Elimination Chamber because for Kofi Kingston hes great talent and he needs the push im glad Wwe did Kofi show some skill with the handstand at the Royal rumble.R Truth is just a great gimmick he has i like his little jimmy crazyness.

    For the Smackdown Elimination Chamber i think Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton.Daniel Bryan because hes a great wrestler no matter what Wwe does to him.Randy Orton has the advantage with experience in the chamber hes a great wrestler i think he can win it.

    Bq3:Eddie probarly had something to do with Chavo's push so once he died they destroyed Chavo and the Guerreo Legacy.

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  • To begin with, there can never be on Eddie Guerrero. His gimmick ''Latino Heat'', his skills, his entertainment levels, etc can never be replaced by someone else. WWE looks like they want Hunico to pursue his kind of gimmick, but I don't think it will ever work out. Even though CM Punk and Del Rio pulled an Eddie Guerrero scenario, I think that was to honor him because I think that was on his birthday. WWE have loads of superstars to give gimmicks from past icons. Like Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, etc. Eddie is just one unique person. No one in the WWE can have his same trait as his.

    BQ1: I think they want Cody Rhodes to just keep the title for himself. I mean Cody himself said that he doesn't want to defend against anyone else because he is trying to bring back the prestige in the Championship, and he already started to bring it. WWE should just make these type of matches as Triple Threat, which was done a lot in the WWE from before. Seeing one-on-one matches just makes me want to tune to another channel.

    BQ2: From Raw, I think Chris Jericho, so that he can build his feud with CM Punk. I really do think that this feud, it can extend all the way to Wrestlemania, which is just in two months. The two ''Best in the World'' facing each other for the coronation to see who is the better one. I'm even anticipated for that match up than Cena Vs. The Rock.

    From Smackdown, I personally think Wade Barrett. He is the most improved superstar on Smackdown!, besides Sheamus. He can cut some good mic skills, shows ambition in his matches and one of the most remarkable figures we've seen in a long time. Since some people even forgot that he was a former Intercontinental Champion, I think he should really become World Heavyweight Champion, then feud with Sheamus at Wrestlemania. I personally think this match will happen and Sheamus will win because he has chemistry with Wade. He knows his strength and weaknesses and he can counter if Wade does his ''Wasteland'' finishing move. Wade should definitely win at Elimination Chamber.

    BQ3: I really don't know why. The guy had charisma and high-flying abilities. I can't believe they decided to fire him instead of Santino. It looks like WWE wants Santino because he's the average-day comedian. His gimmick was perfect for him because that was a gimmick similar to Eddie's years ago. They could have pushed him to become an Intercontinental Champ because that was his #1 target.

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  • 8 years ago

    i think wwe needs another Eddie Guerrero because because this man is great wrestler. his gimmick was interesting all the years. he is very funny in wwe. And he have lot of passion in wwe. i miss this man too much. so they can make the people say eddie name again. he needs have great mic skills like eddie. make sure the crowd do not say he is boring all that crap. this is good respect for him.

    BQ not really their matches always been very good all the years. only it is more than 15 mins that will be good.

    BQ2 i am hoping chris jericho because he can have one more title run then he can feud with cm punk to wrestlemania. daniel bryan because he deserves it. he will face sheamus. i know he is boring just gave this kid a chance.

    BQ3 they think chavo is not that good. they push rey mysterio not chavo. it is wrong. they have a chance to gave the Guerrero family some respect. if i was the boss i would gave chavo the world title not rey.

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  • 8 years ago

    first of all there was only one eddie, nobody can take his place.

    however sometimes punk does the same with the chair.

    who knows, they might bring someone to wwe similar to eddie with his antics.

    BQ1: yeah they should make an elimination match or fatal four way for the ic title like they used to.

    it should also be defended more often.

    BQ2: well chris jericho will more than likely face punk, so either punk will retain or chris jericho will win, then their rivalry will kick off for mania.

    sheamus will face the whc, so my guessing is d bryan will retain.

    BQ3: maybe chavo lost interest or did not want the push? coz rey mysterio went for it instead.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There is only one Eddie Guerrero

    BQ Yes

    BQ Kofi for Raw and Big Show for SD

    BQ because chavo wasn't popular but rey mysertio was

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    8 years ago

    They should make Hunico and Camacho a mixture of Eddie and Cryme Tyme

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