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Now that Israel has decided the US is going to war with Iran -- How fast can you start yelling yes sir?


Obama /dtsr

Oh yes you are -- Your massing in the area on cue as we speak

YOU -- are going to war -- AND yes Russia and China are going to be drawn into the fight

World war 3 is around the corner -- and you people are going to be in the front line WITH Israel starting it

Update 2:


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That won't help anything at all -- Not even a little bit

The globe is ROUND -- The radiation from Japan hit N America on or about March 20 2011

Japan was a nuclear power plant -- an accident and had at least some containment measures around it

Exploding nuclear bombs hurts the entire planet and it has been hurt plenty by nuclear weapons testing where again they took at least some precautions to contain radiation and damage etc

Hitting Israel will poison you on the other side of the globe just as well as it would if you hit Iran with the same bomb -- It just doesn't matter that much

Iran and Israel are in an area of the planet where nations compared to Canada and the US are TINY

Its a dangerous planet killing weapon and for some reason our global leaders have become increasingly insane and forgetful of what nuclear weapons are and do to a bioshphere to life to DNA to air to water to land

Depleted uranium has been dropped on Iraq a

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    Israel is the spear-point in the Anti Jihad War, aka, WW4 [WW3 was the Cold War. That ended abt 20 yrs ago.]

    And Wake Up Call!: a few days or weeks of intensive day and night bombing by the Israelis [w/ US backup via electronic warfare to keep Iran's defenses handcuffed while Israel beats the hell out of em] of Iran's illegal nuclear weapons plants isnt, Boo Hoo!, a "war."

    Israel's been doing this to would-be nuke acquiring nations in the ME since 1981 when they obliterated Saddam's French-built, illegal nuke weapons plant.

    Imagine if Saddam had nukes when he invaded Kuwait and threatened that the Saudis were next.

    THIS is ONE reason why Israel is world-reknown as The Spear-point in the Anti-jihad War.

    They really keep the lid on would-be Arab-moslem upstarts in the ME.

    Note that Saddam was totally intimidated by Israel after it oblitered his illegal nukes, and dint dare lift a finger against them.

    Same w/ the Syrians in 2007 when Israel did the same to their illegal nuke plants.

    It will be the same w/ the IslamoFascist, would-be imperialist Iranian theocrats.

    ============ Israel bombs & destroys Iraq’s Osirak, French-built nuke plant, 06/07, 1981 Israel bombs & destroys Syria’s North Korean-built nuke plant, 09/06, 2007

    Why Iran must be bombed to rid it of its illegal nukes.

    US State Dept: “Iran has remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism...

    “Iran maintained a high-profile role in encouraging anti-Israeli terrorist activity, rhetorically, operationally, and financially.

    “Iran provided the Lebanese Hizballah and Palestinian terrorist groups –

    “notably HAMAS, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command - with extensive funding, training, and weapons.”

    US Sec of Defense, Rbt Gates [retired] on military strikes on Iran, “You never take options off the table...”

    The US Dept of Defense’s “message to Iran” : New 30,000 lb Super Bunker Buster bomb ready by 2010. Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP. 5,300 lbs of explosives.

    US’s Dept of Defense, saying it’s “committed to maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge over any regional rival,” will sell Israel 25 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets w/ integrated Israeli weapons systems w/ option for 50 more.

    The stealth-painted fighter would play a role in any Israeli bombing raids on Iran’s illegal nuclear weapons plants.

    Saudi King Abdullah: “The Hamas-Fatah conflict has harmed the Palestinian cause more in a short time than Israel has done in many years.” Aug 2009 May, 2011, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh praises Bin Laden as an "Arab and Muslim holy warrior," and condemns Obama and the US raid that killed him.

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    World War 3 has been right around the corner for 67 years...Get used to it.

    This is nothing. Try explaining to an 8 year old why everything is OK and they can go to sleep because the missiles in Cuba can't reach all the way to their bedroom.

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    Israel has no longer requested for us to do any warfare. truthfully, Israel requested us now to not invade Iraq. Bush Jr did it besides. And as for Iran... so some distance, Britain, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain ALL plead for Iran to be stopped earlier they advance nukes.

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    No, Israel hasn't decided to strike yet.

    But the Israeli Prime Minister will probably do so during the American presidential campaign, so Obama will look weak if he doesn't back them 100%. The Israelis know how to play the game of American politics.

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    I know we will not go to war with Iran, China and Russia we come to their defense, so that makes it a non-starter.Its kind of funny that finally someone is policing America's imperialistic ambitions.

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    Actually Israel hasn't decided that, they have decided they will blow up Irans Nuclear- bomb sites.

    You watch MSNBC ha? Im sorry! You will never get truth from them

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    The world is already at war with Iran

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    iAnd Canada whiist remaining neutral

    can spew enough vitriol to bring down a dozen small nations

    Source(s): Are we done here - nothing more to see? You have Michael Moore - KEEP HIM AT HOME You have every illegal border jumper criminal from the US What else do you need to keep you happy?
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    I'm not jewish, but I'd rather join the IDF than commie American army

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    True. Israel gets us in a lot of trouble.

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