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Do any of you support the idea of "personalized" Title belts? +BQs?

Like the ones how Edge used to have the "Rated R" WHC belt or Jeff Hardy's TNA "Immortal" Championship, do you really support this concept or does it just make a fool out of the belt's prestige? Considering another wrestler cannot own the championship as the belt has already been branded in a significant way by the owner. So does a personal belt make the wrestler seem more elegant, or does it hinder the true prestige of the belt?

BQ1: Any idea what the horned skulls on Undertaker's wrestling attire stands for?

BQ2: Is Miz the worst tag partner to have? Considering every tag team with the Miz was a fail?

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    Absolutely not. It just further degrades what is supposed to be something important. Yeah, the WWE (and pro wrestling) is fiction with everything exaggerated for "show" but it's still presented (for the most part) as athletic contests of skill. They don't "personalize" the Heisman Trophy or Super Bowl rings; those aren't props to tailor to specific characters. If the WWE expects us to take their World Titles (both of them) seriously then those World Titles (both of them) need to be institutions, and sacrosanct (too important to alter in any way). They're not "cowboy" belts with which you swap buckles to match your outfit or mood. They're supposed to symbolize the best in the WWE. And the championship belt should be the centerpiece, the showcase, for the wrestler's attire. See Ric Flair as NWA World Champ in the 1980's for the right way to carry the world title belt.

    Another thing the WWE does that irritates me is allowing their World Champs (both of them) to use the belts are props in matches, to throw the belts over their shoulders and/or to just drag the damn things behind them when they walk. That shows no pride in being champion and makes it obvious that the title belts ARE just meaningless props. Having 40 title changes every year just makes it worse.

    Go to other promotions and see a big difference in the way championships are presented and treated by the wrestlers. Go to CMLL and you will see championships (and the belts representing those championships) treated with honor, dignity, and much respect by management AND the wrestlers. You never see the Champs using the belts as props in matches or dragging them on the floor.

    BQ1: Never thought about it before. I would imagine it represents Texas and/or a Texas pro sports team.

    BQ2: "Pride goeth before a fall". Miz's ego pretty much kills every tag team he's ever been in. I wouldn't want to be his tag team partner.

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    It will always have prestige since Edge's Rated R belt was still a WWE Championship and Jeff Hardy's Immortal belt was still the TNA championship. It doesnt really matter if they personalize the belt because usually once they lose it, It changes back to the original belt but when John Cena brought the Spinner Belt i was kinda disapointed cause i thought it would be back to being undisputed after his reign but it didnt. Basically you can add accessories but it will still be a WWE Championship or TNA Championship. Like if you bought a DVD of the history of the WWE championship, You'll see the Rated R belt because it's the same belt but different look.

    BQ1: I think it's just a design for his attire.

    BQ2: I noticed that he lost alot of a friends like R truth, John Morrison and Big Show.

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  • I Love Costum Belts It Gets Rid Of The Original Ugly Ones For A While.

    Special custom belts have been created to match the gimmicks of some champions:

    "Superstar" Billy Graham (red leather strap)

    The Ultimate Warrior (white, blue, and purple leather straps)

    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ("Smoking Skull" belt)

    John Cena (Spinner belt with free-motion "spinner" WWE logo in the center)

    Edge (Modified "Rated-R Superstar" spinner belt)

    The Miz (Modified "M" belt, created by rotating the WWE logo by 180 degrees, hence simulating the letter "M")

    A much larger version of the belt was created for André the Giant before WrestleMania III, although he never wore it as champion. A custom championship belt was designed and constructed for The Rock which featured his trademark Brahma Bull logo in the center, but it was lost and thus, never appeared on television.[13] Similarly, Edge had originally designed an entirely different custom belt than the "Rated R Spinner" design he used for his second reign, however the plans were scrapped due to time constraints.[14]

    The "Spinner" belt's design, which features a gold and diamond bling-bling style reflecting Cena's hip hop gimmick, has become the WWE Championship's primary design since April 11, 2005, although, since No Mercy 2007, the centerpiece no longer spins. The physical belt itself originally indicated the brand it was designated to. When it was first introduced, it featured a unique side plate design that read "SmackDown", though it was then replaced with one that read "Mon-Nite Raw" when John Cena was drafted to the Raw brand. When the title once again became SmackDown's primary championship after Triple H was drafted to the brand in 2008, the "Raw" plate was replaced with a second "WWE Champion" side plate. Furthermore, the belt also features a silver tip on the end of the leather strap.

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    The idea of a customized belt are as follows: To show the champion as so confident they are willing to permanently endow their title with their ideas and thoughts; Another idea is that if they are to lost it it the one who does win must constantly be reminded that the title was re made to specific details of the one they beat for it. I am all for it. It shows a champions personal style motif and mental workings. When it is broken down who cares what it looks like just so long as it is the champion's own thoughts and design and not just an output of the corporate fat cats of what design would sell the best to the fans. The last term of why to use them is that, the title, like a wrestling character, needs to be refreshed regularly, especially when it needs to be seen every show. The WWE title and the X-Division titles have been seen constantly for the past 8 years now with the same design and frankly are in desperate need of a new design, the WWE title looks like a toy and the X Division title looks too cheap to be the top mid card title in an evolving TNA that is supposed to be changing for the better to quote the horrible Hulk Hogan. Frankly right now it does not matter if WWE title were to be changed drastically by Punk it would be a brand new style to show how much change the WWE is about to go through in 2012. The X-Division title it should turn into a new design by either AA and or JoMo if he comes to TNA, which I still doubt, or whom so ever they decide on to lead the X-Division into a new era. The design of a belt does not falter the term of the title it just shows the champion or holder to be confident they will not lose it anytime or soon, and will be champion until the title is in need of a new design as well. The title is dedicated to a new found leader of their division. A title's look could be anything so long as the title is contested in a well thought out and well executed match the title's design could be of a big pig with wings and shades on, if Daniel Bryan and Cm Punk fought for a belt of this design it makes the title look like it is worth something, seeing as how hard two former world champions of different companies are willing to fight over it so viciously.

    BQ1: His inner devil i.e. bad *** that shows the true entity his gimmick stands for. Basically imo a Beast.

    BQ2: Nope the worst is Hogan period. He may b a Legend in the business but frankly a guy who needs to be carried in match no matter who he is going against or partnered with.

    Source(s): Still the best in the WS!!!
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    I see nothing wrong with it. It always helps improve the storyline and it is cool to see a new design once in a while. It is usually always going to be changed back anyways, so why not?

    I like the "Rated R" version of the WWE Championship. In fact, Edge is holding this personalized title in my profile picture. It is where I got my user name from.

    BQ1 - I have no idea what it stands for. I think he just thought it was a cool Symbol and put it on there. But I don't care, I just know it looks awesome.

    BQ2 - Definitely. Every tag team he is in fails and is not good at all. They never last long. If I was in the WWE, I would definitely not team with The Miz. I would team with someone better.

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  • Anonymous
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    personalized belts arn't all that great most of the time there gimmicky but eventually should be changed back to the original which is what alot of people have been waiting for with cenas (cm punks at the moment) belt

    BQ1:there just something playing into his deadman character im sure no technical significance

    BQ2:I liked miz and morrison actually for the time they were a team they did a great job also the dirt sheet was one of wwe.coms best features i think it really gave them alot of people to visit the site so thats the stuff they need webshows that are entertaining like dirt sheet/kennedy declares etc

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    I do agree because Ted Dibiase Jr. had the million dollar title but Goldust did take it from him. But imo it's dumb because then the other championships just look like nothing

    BQ2: (i dont know #1) I don't like the Miz but he isnt the worse. He was once a tag team (c) with John Morrison and the Big Show.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nope, i don't really like the personalised Titles, although the million dollar belt was good as it created rivalries.

    BQ!: My guessing is it means he's the devil of death.

    BQ2: The Miz is a loud mouthed failure and his in ring ability is just poor. His gimmick is strong but thats all. he should of stayed with Morrison, coz they were the best times for Miz! (back when they were heels doing the dirt sheet, that was awesome)

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  • Anonymous
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    NO! Any wrestler can win the belt at any time so they shouldnt be personalized at all to fit a certain wrestler

    BQ1 - probably a demon or devil...hes the deadman

    BQ2 - yea cuz he sucks lol

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  • No.

    The Main titles of any promotion should always look the same no matter who wears it.

    Thanks to John Cena,I never want to see another custom belt again.

    BQ:Texas Longhorns comes to mind.

    BQ2:Absolutely.His teaming with Morrison was the best of all,but still a fail.

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