Do you find it ironic PM Harper is in China and has the never to mention human rights given abuse of seniors?

Just a few weeks ago he announced plans to cut senior pension so that the majority of seniors will be forced out of their homes and onto the street to live. And he is talking about human rights in China? I think the Premier needs to have a talk with Harper about how well China cares for their seniors and the disabled compared to Canada. Canada's social programs rank just above India's and Harper has the NERVE to mention human rights in China. Do you find this ironic, insulting and just plain ignorant the way I do?


Harper has also passed "midnight" legislation removing equal rights of women in Canada, this is something else the Premier of China could talk to him about ..

Update 2:

Without OAS and GIC the average senior pension in Canada is $546.00 a month, do you know what the MP's pensions are? They will be over a $1.25 million a year if most of them manage to live until they are 80 yrs old. Harper could learn a few things from China if he wasnt so ignorant, arrogant, contolling, and IMO a sociopath

Update 3:

Let me guess Picador I'm white or my avatar is so I much have lead a privileged wealthy life? MOST SENIOR PENIONS ARE ON AN AVERAGE $546 A MONTH. No treaty payments, no special welfare, no free education, free housing, free dental, if we burn down our house the Govt doesnt build a new one for us, we pay taxes, we dont get oil royalities, or 0% mortgages on houses on municipal lands, I hope you end up on the street, homeless - with your lack of compassion for seniors, or should I say "white" seniors thats what you deserve, from your mouth to God ears

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yeah, how does this guy stay in office?

  • 9 years ago

    I am a senior senior myself and have never sensed any kind of abuse at all. It takes a while to adjust to changing circumstances, some of which favour us, (as in being likely to live longer than our parents, and much more likely to live longer than our grandparents who were sent to war straight out of school) and some which do not. If you are, as I suspect, a Baby Boomer - the most silver spoon-fed generation that history has known - I understand your paranoia. For you, the slightest reversal is bound to be a catastrophe of universal proportions. "Forced out onto the streets?" Well, if you've lived a millionaire's life-style on a labourer's budget, that's what you deserve.

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