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I stole something from a store?

I stole something from a store?

I stole something from a store that cost 5$ and they caught me and they ask me to pay what i stole and i paid.they dont ask me for my name or address or....they just told me you are ban from the store but i am affraid that they will put these in my record please help because i am scared especaily because i am looking for a job. its the first and the last time i will do it.

i have to motion that i paid for the thing i stol by my credit card for that i am worreid.

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    First of all you better be glad they didn't have you arrested right then and right there.Stealing something is stupid no matter the reason.If you had a credit card and you STOLE it? I have no sympathy for you.If they wanted to charge you I feel they would have already done so.I would chalked this up to a life experience and not worry.

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    It was your choice to steal! They sound very kind to me. Just remember next time you steal, jail may be where you will land!

    At least 40% of what decent people pay for items in store covers the whole sale cost of items that are stolen! And the more people steal and are not caught, the more everyone else has to pay. The less people can earn in the stores!

    Try thinking for yourself: If you had a store would you like it if people kept stealing from You?

    With your card they maybe able to list you as Not to be permitted back in.

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    The Police would need to be contacted to formally press charges and a summons to appear would be given to you to attend court. If the Police were not involved and you were not given a summons to appear then you most likely are not being charged. If you did not sign a barring notice from the store indicating you were aware of the formal barring, they still could not press charges against you for trespassing, unless they ask you to leave and you stay in the store. Avoid that store, keep your nose clean going forward and get a job.

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    Right now, it seems the only records of the situation are a store owner saying something, and a receipt that shows you bought something. Thats hardly enough to convict someone. Infact you could probably sue them for lying if they tried, since the record shows you payed for the thing.

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  • No need to worry, they don;t have your information and probably wouldn't remember you if you re-entered the store. Your card wouldn't be in record far enough for them to get your info. Either way, don't fret.

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