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Should I pick up Brook Lopez,Eric Gordan, or Zach Randolph? Who Should I drop?

I was to know which of this player should I add and whoo should I drop?

This is my team. Who should I drop for Brook Lopez,Eric Gordan, or Zach Randolph

PG Deron Williams

SG James Harden

G Stephen Curry

SF Danillo Gallinari

PF Al Jefferson

P Kevin Durant

C Marcin Gortat

UTIL Chris Paul

UTIL Dirk Nowitzki

BN John Wall

BN Kris Humphries

BN JaVale McGee

BN Drew Gooden

BN Al Harrington


Should I pick us Lopez or Z-Bo right now?

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    You should pick up all three, but the highest priority IMO is Brook Lopez. You should definitely drop Kris Humphries. He will definitely be affected when Brook Lopez comes back. Lopez is a top tier center and will be a beast when he starts. he should be coming back very soon.

    Next on the priority is Randolph. I would say try to trade two players (one of them being Al Harrington) off for one player. Then you have enough roster space to add Z-Bo. Randolph is also a beast and can give you 20-10 every night.

    Eric Gordon is a little more sketch. They STILL haven't given an official timetable for his return, and by the time he comes back, the playoff chances for the hornets will be over and Gordon will be very uninspired. furthermore, his knee sucks. But he is still worth getting, but not at the cost of dropping any of your guys. I would say try to do a 3 for 1 trade...that "1" being Lebron james maybe? Then, pick up Randolph and Gordon.

    If you have to drop people for Z-Bo and Gordon, I would say Al Harrington for Z-Bo and Danillo Gallinari for Eric Gordon.

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    well lopez's injury seems to be not healing as well as they expected. so not positive on his return date.

    as for z-bo he is actually doing much better than they thought. even going out last night and shooting before the game and looking good with a spring in his step where everyone thought he'd be favoring it at this time.

    I too am debating on stashing zbo or not right now.. sam dalembert is playing horribly right now and not getting PT.

    If I were you I'd go with zach randolph over lopez in like a week.

    i'd drop harrington for zbo in a week if i were you.

    lopez is like the worst rebounding starting center out there. avg like 6? lebron averages more as a SF. lol

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    Zach randolf isn't returning this month. Lopez it sounds like would no longer he returning in feb. both. It became sounding like he will be yet issues dont sound large. also even as he receives back he must have extra rehab and could no longer see to many minutes. Wait on both gamers for now

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    I'd wait....Lopez isn't that close yet, and Z-Bo still has a week or two at minimum.

    good luck

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