Will it be very hot in Dubai in August?

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I'll have the opportunity to explore Dubai in August as I can book a stopover on my way to China at no cost and 36 hours is visa-free.

So I'd like to know what to expect. How hot will it be? Can I walk for a couple of blocks, or would that be unadvisable? ... I like the heat and have been in New York and Madrid in August. That was not a problem for me. So what do you think - will walking around Dubai be ok, or should I plan to take a taxi everywhere?

How about public transportation? Is there only the metro, or are there any buses?

And what are some cool things to see? My hotel will be in the city center, I'll be on my own, and I'd like to see a spectacular mall and one cultural thing. Not sure what, though.


50 degrees? Ooops ... usually, I don't like to take a taxi, but I guess in Dubai I will.

Ok so August is not ideal, but if I fly with Emirates, there's no way I'm going to miss this stopover. :-)

Thanks for all the links. The bus that takes you to all the sites sounds good. It's a shame I'll only have one day this time and be jet-lagged as well. If I like it, I'll come back some other time to escape Christmas.

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    July and August are the hottest months of the year and temperature easily can reach around 50C. You can't compare heat in NY and Madrid with the heat in the UAE because here it is the humidity of almost 90% in these months what bothers people the most. In this heat I even won't walk one block.Wait for a cab in the hotel lobby:)

    Malls you might like to visit are the Mall of the Emirates (Ski Dubai), Dubai Mall (newest and biggest/Aquarium) or Ibn Batutta (7 malls under one roof). Check them out online.

    As for culture related you may like to visit Dubai Museum/Bastakiya.





    You also could take a "Big Bus" tour visiting all famous landmarks. http://www.bigbustours.com/eng/dubai/custompage.as...

    You should wear loose fitting clothes preferably out of natural materials like linnen or cotton.

    Have fun,

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    Dubai's entice for tourists is situated largely on shopping, but additionally on their possession of other ancient and modern attractions, learn more with this town with Hotelbye . Dubai's landmark building could be the Burj Khalifa, the 829.8 metros creating, the tallest one in the world. For most visitors a trip to the statement terrace on the 124th ground this is a must-do whilst in the city. The views across the town skyline using this bird's-eye perception are simply just staggering. Straight back on a lawn, covering across the Burj Khalifa, would be the building's superbly developed gardens with rotating walkways. There are many of water features such as the Dubai Fountain, the world's highest performing fountain.

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    Like my other friends explained the problem with August is not just the heat , it is getting used to the humidity which can easily make it feel hotter than what the thermometer indicates. The High temps can reach 45C. You will not get used to this in 36 hours , it takes time to adjust.

    On the plus side Dubai got air-conditioned bus-stops , and you can check all the routes online on www.rta.gov.ae

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    Summer season is not really a pleasant time of the year in Dubai. The scorching heat of the sun feels like a hot laser beam that penetrates up to your skin’s inner layer. Temperature reaches up to 45 degree Celsius or even higher on some occasions.

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    August is the hottest time of the year in the UAE. it's very hot, trust me. when i went to aquaventure i couldnt walk on the floor, my feet were basically BURNING!!

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    august isthe hottest

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