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What do the Western Countries and Israel, benefit from bombing Syrian cities?

NATO countries such as france, britain, USA bombed 2 cities of syria which cause a mass-murder in the areas, then they blamed it on the president. the free syrian army is turning to israel for help against the assad regime.

now, we all know that arabs and israeli's hate each other. but seriously, you are turning to your enemy for help? lol. that's kind of messed up. im just thinking that one of those guys will back-stab each other in the end.

so anyways, what does the west get out of bombing these cities?

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    Not all arabs hate israel, saudi arabia and israel are good allies. Syria and israel dont have any problems with each other.

    The conflict is way more complicated then that, theres shia vs sunni, people vs the government. Then theres israeli conflict with lebanon. Its a disaster. The only reason why there raising up against the government is because the governments shia while they are sunni

    There asking israel for help cause actually they kind of get along and israel has no problem bombing civilians. If israel helps them, then all of nato will support.

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