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I wiegh 55 kilos I wanna go back to being 50 kilos what's a perfect diet plan I should go with? ?

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    Ok in pounds that's like 15 pounds I think. So I recommend trying to do so in 2 months. You need to burn about 2000 calories plus what you take it. To figure how many calories you are burning per mile try this. Running= .63x(your weight in pounds) Walking for speeds 3-4MPG .30x(your weight in pounds). So say you are 150x.63=94.4 calories. So to burn 2000 calories a week you need to run 20 miles. Or you could walk 40 miles. Then burn off what you eat.


    Aim to run 5 miles a day. Buy 5 pound weights boost your metabolism with that. Eat 6 meals a day. For example eat breakfast at 6 eat a snack at 9 eat lunch at 12 eat a snack at 3 eat dinner at 6 eat a snack(or have a scoop of frozen yogurt with frozen fruit and a little whipped cream!) an hour after dinner. Try to space these meals 3 hours apart. For snacks have 200 cals per snack. If less then great! Just make sure it has plenty of fiber, and its healthy. Like diet bars, a handful of nuts raisins and dark chocolate chips, whole wheat crackers while all natural peanut butter, apples, wheat chips and homemade guacamole(recipe in sources). If you are hungry after you ate imagine yourself sitting down to a large juicy steak. If you want it your hungry and if u dont ur not hungry. Now clean out your pantry and get rid of all your junk food. This should help cravings. But remember, dont deny yourself anything. Just find healither, more filling subistutes. This should make the weight loss permenent. But once your done losing weight, you could run less miles. Just strech and cooldown. Dont forget to treat yourself and drink plenty of ice water!

    Source(s): Forgive me, Im used to pounds and miles. Homemade Guacamole One small ripe avocado Pinch of salt(for flavor) Directions Remove the edible part from skin and place into a small bowl. Add salt, then mash until desired chunkiness is achieved.
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    Share weight-loss goals with co-workers in order that they invite you for a postwork Zumba class instead of happy hour.

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    order the smallest portion of everything

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    4 years ago

    Make your individual low-fat ice cream using freezing bananas and peanut butter or luscious cherries and chocolate.

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  • 5 years ago

    Make your own personal low-fat ice cream using frosty bananas and peanut butter or even luscious cherries and chocolate.

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    When making cookies, bake half the batch and scoop the rest into ice-cube trays. When your sweet tooth kicks in, pop out one and bake it in order to meet your craving without breaking your calorie bank.

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    Freeze pureed veggies to create extra fiber to sauces as well as soups.

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    Make your own low-fat ice cream using icy bananas and peanut butter or perhaps luscious cherries and chocolate.

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    Spread hummus, mustard, or pureed roasted red pepper on sandwiches rather then mayonnaise.

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    avocados can be your secret weight loss partners theyre high in fiber and healthy fats giving you a meaty tasting meat alternative

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