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What GREAT RISK does assisted suicide/euthanasia prose at society and why should YOU care about what happens?

to society ANYWAY if you are all voluntarily choose to die even if you are weak in the head and might be having a bad day...and say....i want to die today when you really dont want to. Isnt it just safer to kill off the people who are sensitive?

And this is coming from a pretty senstive guy such as myself....because i would accept the right to die and assisted suicide from the POWER OF THE STATE in thier use of euthanasia clinics.


If society falls what? its sad. so what? its the end. SO )^($%*% what!?

If you value THIS autopilot and corrupt society/culture then you are either a hopeful idiot or bastardily evil.

Update 2:

you basically support a ayn randist/darwinian/eugenical/sexually electrified/ morally/ethically backwards culture to begin with. YOU are going to call ME depressed...and the one with the problem because of that. Hey................................i dont want to move on in this cesspool. the state is respoinisble for having me, my parents, money, and so are you. Why can you step up the plate and help ME end my life since i didnt ask to be here?

Update 3:

hey......................... dumbshit. its all consenting and voluntary.

Update 4:

only "state" sponsored euthanasia clinics can administer the barbiturate. anything assisted by or not would be considered murder (yes, i agree). there is NO contradiction. and i have every reason to be made that we cant get this done quicker since this is only common sense.

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    It is basically a social problem. Hence it has to be discussed by eminent people in a brain-storming session to arrive at an amicable conclusion.

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    I guess the argument bois down to:

    If relatives start demanding/seeking euthanasia for their sick relatives some of them will do it for the wrong reasons like wanting to get their inheritance early, revenge, hatred to that relative that might not be in a state fit enough to understand or refuse euthanasia.

    I think in time it will be available and more common..just like abortion. A taboo, but still happens whether legally or illegally.

    The way I see it, we didn't choose to come to this world the least we can hope for is that we have the power/option to pull the plug out when we need/want to.

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    You have some significant rage issues, based upon your follow-up comments.

    As for your original question, here's the real problem: if we allow people to assist others in suicide (even for good reasons), it's tough to make sure nobody crosses the line and kills someone against their will (or who isn't capable of making that choice) without society knowing it. We get back to the idea of eugenics that way, and it's something we have to grapple with as a society before we'll be at all comfortable with this.

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    People could murder legally that's what if used improperly?

    People could commit suicide for treatable conditions such as depression

    instead of remedying the issue ?

    Good Luck.

    Best Wishes.

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  • 9 years ago

    Assisted suicide? Is that what they're calling it nowadays? I remember WW II and the SS doing "assisted suicide", when people had no choice, so "sooner or later" meant "right now." That's like going around to all the people in a coma for "assisted suicide", as in "If he could tell us what he wanted, I'm sure it would be death!" Wouldn't it be fun to do an assisted suicide by lottery now and then?We could make sure all the eligible people supported assisted suicide.

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