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Any Healthy Lunch Ideas?

I've been eating a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat with a fruit salad, fruit bar and almonds and some type of veggie and I'm looking for a bit more flavourful food then PB sandwich.. any suggestions? Thanks :D

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    9 years ago
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    Here are some healthy lunch ideas :)

    If you can, try going for natural organic foods when possible

    ~ Salad: mixed baby greens, baby romaine, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, steamed kale, etc. with things like cherry tomatoes/tomato, cucumber, goat cheese or goat feta crumbles, nuts (such as walnuts, almond slices, pecans), seeds, shredded raw beets, grated carrot, bell pepper, dried cranberries, veggies, healthy salad dressing or olive oil/vinegar, etc.

    * For more protein:

    - Chickpeas or any beans, lentils

    - Tofu or tempeh

    - Sliced hard boiled eggs

    ~ Sandwich.

    (On whole grain bread like multigrain, ezekiel, ezekiel wrap, rye, whole wheat pita, whole grain tortilla, spelt, etc.)

    Filling ideas:

    * Hummus & veggie - hummus, baby spinach, bell pepper, shredded carrot, chopped tomato, could also add some avocado

    * Grilled tempeh - tempeh, hummus, baby spinach, tomato

    * Tofu - crispy tofu, hummus, baby spinach, tomato

    * Veggie burger - Amy's texas style veggie burger for example, hummus, tomato, baby spinach

    * Black bean wrap - with some salsa & grated cheese if you'd like; or a quesadilla

    * Cheese & tomato - slice of cheese, organic light cream cheese, tomato, baby spinach

    * Mozzarella, pesto, spinach & tomato melt

    * Egg salad (made with veganaise, organic hard boiled eggs, baby spinach)

    * Nut butter & jam - for example made with almond butter or organic peanut butter; or just plain nut butter

    * Peanut butter or almond butter & banana

    * Boiled eggs with avocado on rye bread

    * Grilled veggies with hummus or pesto, goat cheese

    ~ Steamed vegetables or vegetables stir fried a little in olive oil with beans, tofu or tempeh with brown wild rice, quinoa or buckwheat noodles

    ~ Lentil vegetable soup in a thermos or sweet potato soup

    ~ Whole grain or brown rice pasta with basil pesto, olive oil or tomato sauce with veggies, goat cheese, tofu cubes, beans, etc

    - Or a pasta salad with things like goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, veggies, beans, etc.

    ~ Quinoa with roasted sweet potato and vegetables made into a salad

    ~ Pizza made on whole wheat pita or thin multigrain crust with tomato sauce or basil pesto, veggies, goat cheese or goat feta crumbles, some shredded organic cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes

    - With salad and/or veggies

    Snack ideas:

    ~ Veggies with hummus - veggies such as raw carrot sticks, cucumber slices or sticks, cherry tomatoes sliced, lightly steamed broccoli, slices of bell pepper, celery sticks, steamed kale etc.

    ~ Veggies

    ~ Fruit

    ~ Fruit salad

    ~ Greek yogurt, yogurt or goat's milk yogurt

    ~ Berries with greek yogurt

    ~ Hard boiled eggs

    ~ Cottage cheese with fruit - such as pineapple, peach slices, berries, etc.

    ~ 2 dates or figs, 1/4 cup raw almonds

    ~ Berries & raw nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, pecans)

    ~ Apple slices with nut butter

    ~ Whole grain crackers with hummus

    ~ Rye crispbreads with toppings like: hummus, tomato, organic cheese, nut butter, avocado etc.

    ~ Nuts, seeds, chia seeds or trail mix

    ~ All natural popcorn, sweet potato chips, etc.

    ~ Healthy cereal (Nature's Path Organic, Barbara's, Kashi)

    ~ Puffed organic kamut or spelt

    ~ Plain greek yogurt or goat's milk yogurt with fruit

    ~ Kashi granola bar, Kind fruit & nut bar, Lara bar, Nature's Path Organic snack bar

    ~ Buckwheat waffle or pancake

    ~ Toasted whole grain flax waffle

    ~ Baked apple slices with cinnamon

    I hope this helps :)

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  • 9 years ago

    try fresh cut up produce w' lo-fat yogurt and some water packed tuna or salmon.

    Source(s): a registered dietician
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