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Do you think Alaskan children feel as American as the rest of the American children?

I live in Whitehorse, which is in the province next to Alaska. I don't feel American at all (I'm not, I'm Canadian), but I find it hard to believe that their culture over there is so incredibly different than ours, but ours is not American at all, I don't think. I've been to Chicago, and it was very, very different than it is in Whitehorse. I've never been to Alaska though. I think it would be so weird to not be able to leave your state by car without being in another country.

What do you think?

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    Our culture and yours are similar since we share similar environments. However, our governments are different. Most Alaskan children (including mine) see themselves as Alaskans first and Americans second. As for having to go through Canada to get to the lower 48, that's just part of what makes Alaska unique.

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    What is American and what does it mean to feel American?

    I visited Chicago too and was completely out of my element. I grew up on the West Coast, and talked entirely different, walked different. I learned to drive in the Rocky Mountains, and it made me jump how Chicagoans would start honking the split second they thought you should move without stopping and looking for someone running the light first. The pizza rocked though! The culture and people in Chicago were different though, so if America is supposed to be like that, then I don't know anyone but people in Chicago who would feel American.

    We traveled across a few states and Nevada was different than Utah, and those were different than California and Ohio. Is it my ex-bro-in-law who is here illegally, or his kids who are citizens but feel just a little like they have a foot in two different cultures? Or is it me who's family has been here since Miles Standish (ie, before we were a country.)

    I would guess Alaskans feel as American as anyone, except possibly those who are from Indigenous people who see themselves as part of something else just as good (like my great-nieces and great-nephew.)

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    I dont know anyone living there so hard to say. I mean you cant go on a road trip to the next few states or anything but I dont know if that makes them feel less american than hawaiian people, I guess they also have their own cultures just like pretty much any other state. You know not evefywher in u.s is it like in chicago etc. lot of states, or at least parts of the country have different customs and traditions. Texas is totally different from new jersey and so on.

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    Some of my Mom's relatives live in Alaska. The 'America' you experience is different, but they don't feel any less American for living in an extremely rural area. Heck, their house isn't much different from ours and we yak to them via Satellite at least once a month. Technology has really helped them keep closer relations with relatives. We've been emailing since 1986.

    I think a better distinction would be to ask residents who live on the border of Canada and the US. Are their thoughts or how they live that much different? Could be. I don't know.

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    I've been to Alaska, and I can't think of a more American place on earth. They're closer to American ideals of independence & off-beat personalities than any state in the lower 48

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