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My parents..... even my grandparents could have liked Grammy Awards.?

Do you have the impression that Grammy awards yesterday were oriented a little older public; means be oriented to those fans of artists from the 60 and 70. At one point I felt bored and did not identify me.

But we must recognize incredible performance of Adele.

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    Nothing with Taylor Swift in it, especially when she wins yet more undeserved awards, is exactly geared toward older people. She has ruined the country music genre as long as she's been on the scene. I can't even watch awards anymore without wanting to literally throw up!

    I listen to 70's and 80's country music, when only talent mattered -- not looks or sex appeal. Look at K.T. Oslin in 1988, for example.

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    9 years ago

    Yes that's exactly what I was thinking when I seen Nicki Minaj on stage ripping Christianity to shreds for over 10 minutes and Lady Gaga wearing whatever the hell that was, staring at Miranda Lambert looking like she wanted to eat her,not to mention Katy Perry running around with blue hair with Rhianna doing a strip tease and woman beater Chris Brown lip syncing while he played hopscotch on lego blocks.Oh and the Mickey Mouse ear people.That's what I thought,who ARE these old people,like EWWW OMG GROSS!!!!!!

    Sorry,but I'll stick to Adele and that jam session they had at the end with Paul McCartney,Joe Walsh,Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl any day of the week.

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    I'm a grandparent...didn't watch it. Only one I (heard about)

    who was there was Glen Campbell....

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