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Beijing: Not sure about hotel bookings?


I'm planning to go to Beijing in August and reserved rooms at two hotels. However, I'm not sure it because I've never been to China.

These are the hotels I booked:

Citytel Inn Hotel Beijing at Nanheyan St., Dongcheng District (near the forbidden city) from August 7 to August 11 for CNY 198 per night.

Tai Mu Shan at 4 Hongong Lane, Dongzongbu Rd. from August 17 to August 18 for CNY 319 per night. I decided on this hotel because it allows for an early check-in.

Do you think these hotels are ok? Are they safe? I'm worried about my luggage. Are they quiet? This is very important to me. ... And is the price ok?

Do you think it would be better to book a hotel in a different area?

And how much do you think it would cost me to get to the airport by taxi? I never take taxis and am totally unfamiliar with this. But this time, I have to because my flight arrives late and leaves early.

Any advice is appreciated.

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  • ignatz
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    9 years ago
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    Hotels are very safe in China. Obviously do not leave anythig very valuable laying around. They have safes.During the day, depending on where your room is located, it can be quite noisy but you probably won't be around much of the day. At night it is very quiet. But ask for a room away from the main street.

    If you can afford the price it's OK but you can get a nice private room w/private bath in a lot of the hostels for under or around Yuan 350 or so.

    Best area for hotels/hostels is in the main Consulate area. Check on line for info.

    Taxi's are cheap and they also have a good subway system. Do not have to tip cab drivers or hardly anyone else either.

    Take a cab from the airport but have someone write your destination in Chinese and w/a phone no. in case he needs to call them. A lot of the drivers are new to Beijing.

    Source(s): Was there for 3 months. Fun city w/lots of things to see. Be sure to go to the Great Wall on a day trip. Most hotels/hostels have a tourist desk/office to help.
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    Are you goning to check-in this hotel ? (Citytel Inn, Beijing). Here is a brief introduction about it: Opened in 2008, the Citytel Inn is located in South Riverside Street, Dongcheng District, closed to Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street. It is 0.5km away from Tiananmen Square, 2.5km away from Beijing Railway Station and 27km Beijing Capital International Airport.

    I think your hotels are save, but i don't think they are quiet as the Citytel Inn are located at the city center. You can read more about it from the website. I hope it is useful to you. You can view your hotel on google map.

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    the hotels should be fine and they have security and the front will hold your luggage if you are not checked into a room.

    The last time I took a taxi to the airport it cost 140 RMB, what your costs will be is unknown.

  • 9 years ago

    better known hotels will be fine

    Source(s): i guess
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