Ramadan: Should an Imam restrain his tears when leading prayers with jama'ah?

Assalam o Alaikum.

Those who have lead prayers, or those who lead prayers, and have a habit of crying with tears in salah,

should they lead prayers?

or is it preferable to ask someone else to take the duty of leading salah?

p.s. crying is out of khushoo



i know that crying in salah is encouraged, but, does crying too much invalidate salah?

If I want to cry in salah, and 'brothers' invite me 'off' to prayers, would it be better to control my tears? or to 'cry' irrespective of the outcome?

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    It is quite obvious that some people's hearts are softer than others therefore the Imams with softer hearts when reflecting on what they are saying during prayers might become more emotional than others. Some people also can control their emotions once they "break down" while others cannot - even if they try. I have experienced all kinds of Imams of such nature. I have also experienced Imams who cry just for show and I know this because they are generally stern in outlook and heard hearted otherwise.

    Hadrat Abu Bak'r (RATA) was an Imam who was very emotional in his prayers....because his heart was "soft"

    When one is sincere in prayers and remember Allah much he/she breaks down and cries. This is just the result of one's own responses to great feelings of humility. Certainly if the Imam could control himself in the situations mentioned then he would. In fact if you yourself ever get to that level of sincerity you will also find yourself crying uncontrollably in your sincere prayers. Only then can you understand and not from hearing or reading what another person has to say about it.

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    Salam alaykum

    You ask a good question.

    Firstly, crying in Salah is okay if done in moderation - crying during salah & while making duas, makes your prayers more special to Allah, and Allah grants duas more quickly when a person cries because He is so Merciful and cannot turn away from His crying servant.

    In Islam, we are encouraged to soften our hearts through good manners, being good muslims, and reflecting upon the Quran and thinking about death.

    So crying is very good, as it shows soft heartedness, and the prophet PBUH said that Allah answers the prayers of those who have a soft heart.

    However, if the crying is uncontrollable and loud while a person is praying, this may weaken their prayer - because salah should be TRANQUIL and a person should be in a state of peace while praying.

    Crying uncontrollably goes against this, so it's best for the person to either hold their tears or to take a big pause in prayer to calm down and then continue so that they can recite properly.

    Take care inshallah :)

    Salam alaykum~

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    Wa alsykum salam wa ramatullah Real tears are given and permitted by Allah so it will occur Without the permission of Allah it would not happen. That is why tears could not be made with false acting because it will be known Someone could be the leader or imam in the prayers if he meets its requirements (1)having good knowledge and good practice in Islam (2) having fluent and good voice in reciting the Qur'an (3)having enough experience as imam and have lived long near the mosque and (4) he is older than others But if has a habit of crying with tears in salah,it is better if we appoint another man who meets its requirement I do agree with you that crying too much will decrease its khusyu condition which can invalidate salah

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    Once in a while specially in Ramadan our Imam starts crying. Some times it happens to me too while I am praying alone in my home. This year one time it happend to me when I was leading prayer in a friends' home. I try to control myself but I can't until I finish the surah. Normally after I make my sujud and start second rakah I can control myself. Two weeks ago my same friend asked me to lead Maghrib prayers in his home. I refused for the same reason. He insisted but I said I can't because I was already feeling my heart heavier. Then some one else lead the prayers.

    Crying during Salat is out of khushu. It makes others cry too. It is not bad but a good thing to cry in front of Allah. There is nothing wrong in it. Only those become emotional during salat who understands the meanings of surah they are reciting. Off course those who recite out of memory without knowing the meanings never cry.

    Whether an Imam never cries or can control himself, it is always best that our Imam is knowledgeable and knows meanings of surahs that he recites during salat.

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  • 9 years ago

    i don't think i've ever been in a prayer where the Imam cried. Some might just be keeping it in so people don't think they're showing off.

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    9 years ago

    Waalaykum asalam. i don't think you can help it whether you cry during salat if it comes naturally during the recitation if that is what you mean. Allah (SWT) controls everything.

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