Acer BIOS update: Is it dangerous?

So, i am having a major issue with my battery where it only charges to around 80% then stops. I have tried recalibrating it (charging it to as far as it goes, draining it and recharging it) to no prevail.

I have been doing some research and found out that a BIOS update COULD potentially fix the issue but also be warned that it could seriously mess up the system if it is done wrongly.

Have you ever done a BIOS update? What issues did it cause, if any? Should i risk it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You should never do a BIOS update unless the system asks for one.

    Yes I have done one several years ago and they can be a right cow to do.

    Make a mistake and the computer/laptop becomes a very expensive

    paperweight which would cost you a new motherboard!

    Personally I would say your problem is with the battery or the charger.

    Battery will not accept a full charge or the charger cutting out at 80%.

    They can only be properly electrically tested in a workshop.

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  • 9 years ago

    Bios updates on modern computers is relatively safe. I don't think that you have to do anything besides run the application, and wait. everything should go smoothly, unless there is a power outage, or the laptop unexpectedly shuts off during the procedure. There is a small possibility of failure, which can make your laptop entirely useless, unless you know how to change the BIOS chip afterwards.

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