What are your thoughts on the song 'Demon Inside' by Eminem?


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BQ: Would you ever sell your soul?

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    slim shady/rainman/etc. is a high-ranking demon.

    the real God (Christian God: the Holy Trinity) created a set number of angels on the 2nd day...let's say 30 billion. 1/3 of all angels rebelled against God...10 billion...God turned the rebels into spiritual darkness aka demons. well, technically, God had mercy on them because He didn't kill them or send them straight to hell. God gave them a chance to repent of what they've done. so, demons had about at least 7000 years to ask God to forgive them. they didn't do it. so, now they'll burn in hell with all the people who follow them (aka witches/wizzards, astrologers/tarot card readers, mediums/seers, ghost hunters, etc.). well, of course, if these witches/astrologers/mediums/etc. repent of their sins and ask God to forgive them, God will forgive them. so, what I 'm saying, everybody's got a shot to go to heaven - they just have to ask God to forgive them their sins.

    demons disguise themselves as ghosts, greys, aliens, pagan gods, etc. basically just everywhere u go (something paranormal or religious like ouija board, channeling, dead relatives during seances), it's the demons almost all the time. to fight demons, u gotta be a christian. here are some christians' thoughts. spread the warning, please.

    jigsaw from 'saw' movie is the antichrist.

    devil is black with red eyes.

    antichrist is white with red eyes.

    jigsaw will rule from jerusalem in a few years.

    jerusalem is the whore of babylon.

    mark of the beast is similar to the 'in time' movie tattoo; it

    will be given with small gray world passport by lasers.

    Vyatcheslav Krasheninnikov (1982-1993) said this:

    -china will attack russia

    -jews will lose war against muslims

    -80 foot dinosaurs will come out thru lakes and sinkholes. don't go near lakes and sinkholes.

    -statue of liberty will make one step forward and then collapse

    -antichrist has white powder on his face. his eyes are red. don't worship him.

    -green electronic tattoo will be given by lasers when people stretch their hands to receive small gray world passport. don't take chip. don't take world passport. don't take any tattoos.

    -demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships. don't go into a ufo ship.

    people who go into ufo ships to be healed by demons, come out zombies.

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    9 years ago

    Lyrically murdered it and lol he didnt sell his soul

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    BQ: Depends on what for

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  • 9 years ago

    I like it and no one sold any souls calm It down

  • 9 years ago

    It's a nice track.

    BQ: Hell yeah

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