psychics is this prediction true..i need your advice?

his is also going to make me sound crazy , but its the only thing I've been looking forward too and I hope it happens..but last year I visited a psychic near my work and she was correct about allot of stuff and so far everything she says has come true..she said this year..I'm guessing around spring or summer she didnt tell me when.. I'm going to meet more friends and become very happy and more confident. She said one of my true friends is going to be a guy that I'm going to end up dating him .. So I know this is bad , but does any psychics out there can give more insight into my situation..I hope what she says it true..

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    9 years ago
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    Hello Jennifer H.

    Well as I tuned into you, I actually got some people coming through to you from the spirit world, People who have passed away physically, but their spirit/soul lives on in the spiritual world. The following came through for you:-

    I had the names Ernest, Albert, Sam or Samson, Dave/David and Mary. These could be names of people who have passed away that may be related to you, somebody to you, previous neighbours, work colleagues, friends etc or indeed they may well be people around your life at the moment. I also had the months of December and May that would be for either a birthday, anniversary, special event, or passing that has already happened for somebody.

    I had a man with me who when he was alive on earth enjoyed fishing and shoed himself with the longer rubber clothing, and it seemed that is had what looked like a pipe. He also mentioned the name of Cynthia and I felt that mountains and a log cabin/cottage type setting was important for somebody. This man passed away with heart problems.

    When I asked what his home was like, all I could see was a rocking chair, a mouth organ, heard Lily (not sure if a name or flowers) and in general this man was talking about somebody had connections with a railway.

    When I asked him for a memory that you or someone you know would understand. He showed me a person what was either knocked over or pushed by an animal and I kept thinking of a county fare and horses with carts/buggies as well. For proof that this spirit person has been around you, he showed me a poster in your room either going up or being removed/changed recencly and somebody has been jumping on the bed singing and they have a good voice. He says that the red make up was a bit much and also mentioned tequila for some reason.

    This spirit male said somebody on earth is worried about their finances and home, I kept seeing a sold sign so whether somebody is thinking of moving house or is due to move I am not sure. I then saw a tap with water coming out of it and this man says you need to calm down, you are anxious/fearful and nervous and to stop worrying about what others think of you.

    Before he left he gave you a symbolic gift of a "Salmon". Symbolically for you this shows how the salmon fights it way back through water that is pushing in the opposite direction. The message is for you to be strong, flexible and move forward with your life. He and others send their love to you from the spirit world.

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