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What are your favourite celebrity baby names?

Mine are Pamela Anderson's kids, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger - great names!

The worst are Gywnnie & Chris Martin - Apple and Moses, ugh...

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    ### THE BEST ###

    Mick Jagger:

    - Elizabeth Scarlett


    - Mason Evan

    Pierce Brosnan:

    - Dylan Thomas

    Lance Armstrong:

    - Olivia Marie

    - Maxwell Edward

    - Luke David

    - Isabella Rose

    - Grace Elizabeth

    Constance Marie:

    - Luna Marie

    Erinn Hayes:

    - Lilah Grace

    Jennifer Lopez:

    - Max David

    Roger Federer:

    - Myla Rose

    ### THE WORST ###

    Penn Jilette:

    - Moxie Crimefighter

    Frank Zappa:

    - Dweezil

    - Ahmet Emuukha Rodan

    - Moon Unit

    - Diva Muffin

    Katie Price:

    - Princess Tiaamii

    Jason Lee:

    - Pilot Inspektor

    Bob Geldof:

    - Peaches Honeyblossom

    - Fifi Trixibelle

    Paula Yates:

    - Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily

    Nicholas Cage:

    - Kal-El

    Gwyneth Paltrow:

    - Apple Blythe

    - Moses Bruce

    David Rainey:

    - Bogart Che Peyote

    - Rocco Kokopelli

    Ashlee Simpson:

    - Bronx Mowgli

    Sylvester Stallone:

    - Sage Moonblood

    - Seargeoh

    Shannyn Sossamon:

    - Audio Science

    Gwen Stefani:

    - Zuma Nesta Rock

    Jamie Oliver:

    - Poppy Honey

    - Daisy Boo

    - Buddy Bear

    - Petal Blossom Rainbow

  • 9 years ago

    Blue ivy-beyonce

    Prince Jackson, blanket Jackson Paris Jackson-micheal Jackson.

  • 9 years ago

    Suri Cruise Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes daughter

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    those are good names - Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger :)

    I agree with your worst..

    Do you know the band Blink 182?

    Tom Delonges kids are called - Ava Elizabeth and Jonas Rocket. I like them :)

    Mark Hoppus's - Jack, cute kid :)

    Travis Barker has two kids and his wife also has another daughter. The kids are called Alabama Leulla, Atiana Cecillia (really don't like those two names) and Landon Asher (which i really like).

    I like Dani Minogues son's name, it's not weird names like alot of celebrities name their kids. -

    Ethan Edward. :)

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  • BEST :

    (Marc anthony's) - Ariana. Christian, Ryan, Emme Mirabel and Maximilian David.

    (Lance Armstrong's) - Olivia Marie, Maxwell David, Luke David, Isabella Rose and Grace Elizabeth.

    (Tom Brady's) - Benjamin and John Edward Thomas.

    WORST :

    (Nicholas Cage's) - Kal-el Coppola and Weston.

    (P.Diddy's) - D'Lila Star (she has siblings with nice names though)

    (Jonathan Davis') - Pirate and Zeppelin (they have a sibling with a nice name though)

    (Alexis Denlsof's) - Satyana Marie.

    I could go on and on lol

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Scarlett - I don't know whose the parents but I heard of a baby called Scarlett lol.

  • 9 years ago

    God Bless you

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