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Why do Americans use so many drugs?

The USA is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet it has some of the highest rates of illegal drug use and pharmaceutical drug use. Americans have more material things (i-pods, i-pads, flat screen TVs, cars, designer clothes, etc.) than most other people in the world. Yet Americans are diagnosed with more mental illnesses and medicated more than any other country in the world. They take more pharmaceutical drugs than anyone else. Why is this?

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    Drugs are an escape. They're a way to make people feel free when tney really aren't. Americans aren't free, they're in debt. The United States isn't the wealthiest nation in the world it is the most in debt nation in the world. Keeping the people stoned and drugged is a way of helping them escape the horrifying reality that the once great nation which was originally designed to help free humanity and bring world peace has been transformed into a tyrannical world police state hell bent on waging wars for natural resources and blaming it all on so-called terrorist hiding in caves.

    Keeping the people drugged (especially on prescription drugs like Paxil or Zanex) keeps them from feeling the anxiety that all Americans are feeling and can't admit it. The emperors of China would get their population addicted to opium to take their minds off the fact that they were oppressed and enslaved by their own rulers and government. Illegal immmigrants along with illegal drugs are flooding into the U.S. but as long as Americans stay stoned they don't have to cope with the reality that their country is being systematically destroyed from within.

    There's a so-called "War on drugs" in the U.S. but it's really a war on the people. Mexican drug cartels are starting to murder more and more American citizens and it's not even being reported, because they don't want the people to panic or demand action, or even worse start taking action themselves. They just want us to just keep on getting high or escaping into religion instead of fighting for the freedom we never really had in the first place.

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    My guess would be thats just how our society is, and yes Materialism is a problem here in the States, and might have something to do with it all

    Source(s): 17 year old American
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    Because drugs are expensive man. And yummy. That's like asking why rich people buy nice houses.

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    I don't

    I don't drink, smoke or use illegal drugs

    I rarely take an asprin

    OOoooooooo!!!! coffee's ready...gotta run!!

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    Blame it on Obama everything else is.

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    It is a very sick society!

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