Need names for story! 2 boys and a girl?

boy #1 - kind of crazy... he kills a guy in beginning pretty jealous

boy #2 - boy #1's best friend

girl - will appear as important later in the story.

also if you could give me an idea for the plot that would nice, i'm trying to wright a book


btw i'm not sure it'll be a love triangle and the guy boy #1 kills someone for vengeance but i'm not sure what the guy did to deserve it

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  • 8 years ago
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    A good story name would be Fear cycle

    boy #1 - Chase, Ace, Lance, Cale

    boy #2 - Aldin, Carlyle, Cori or Cory, Elric

    girl - Jillian, Alison, Kyla, Loria

    A good romance story is always a good idea, but not with all the cliches you usually read... Although with the guy killing in the beginning it doesn't sound very cliche at all (It's a pretty original idea!) I think a good idea would be for the girl and boy #2 to fall in love but the reason boy #1 got jeoulous was because he liked the girl so boy #2 and the girl have to find a way to be together but they're also scared because boy #1 killed someone over her... Something like that would be really cool!!!

    Good luck!

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  • 8 years ago

    Oh, please tell me it's not another love triangle!

    The title is completely up to you. But it should be something subtle, like a detail in the book. If it's something obvious like "Crazy" or "Envy" it will be cliche. I certainly wouldn't read a book with a title like that.

    Btw, it's "write", sweetie.

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