How should future power be distributed, and why?

We have seen Autocratic regimes rise and fall, as well as countless military dictatorships. Communism rose and fell also. Is capitalism really the way forward? A system where the only measure of success is financial growth?

Does anyone have any different views on how the worlds countries should be run?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have no idea what system should replace capitalism.

    What is obvious is the current form of capitalism has passed it's used by date and no longer works. Capitalism in it's current form, is like a chemical reactant that continually escalates creed, power, corruption and kills competition, it only benefits the few people at the top and destroys society.

    Technology is the main factor, where in the 60's and 70's, 50,000 people may have worked in a Auto Plant, today maybe only 500 people are required to produce the same number or more cars than in the past.

    Technology is displacing more jobs than the new jobs technology creates. Under capitalism unemployment will continue to increase and as demand for work increases, wages will continue to decrease, so basically it a system today where society gets poorer and poorer.

    Technology is not the problem, because technology increases production, Capitalism is the problem, it's a system that doesn't complement society thru technology, it's like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. Capitalism worked in the past, but it's now a dinosaur and should have gone extinct a long time ago, it's hasn't been allowed to die because those in power & the wealthly who benefit from it, continually prop it up and want capitalism to continue.

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    There are socialist polices in most capitalist countries, free education for kids, food stamp, public health care etc ...

    Society will adjust the degree of "capitalism" from time to time.

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