How do I contact Yahoo Canada to complain about the use of a cancelled email address when they do not show it?

A family member changed their email address because someone else started using it but even after the adress was changed, I am still getting spam mail from it. How is this possible?


Why does Yahoo Canada have no way that anyone can contact them to alert them of a situation like this

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    Contacting Yahoo will not stop you from receiving spam emails from an old address. Best you can do is to SPAM the email(s) through one of the following suggestions.

    Usually just clicking on SPAM when you receive the message will direct it to your SPAM FOLDER and any subsequent emails from this person will go there...if that doesn't work try below..

    NOTE: In the CLASSIC mode click on OPTIONS..MAIL OPTIONS...go to the left and click on SPAM...Make sure there is a check mark in the box to the left of "Automatically send suspected spam to my Spam folder" If you have to add the check mark go above and click on SAVE CHANGES.

    If you are using yahoo classic go to "Options" It is above your email Click on "Mail Options"

    Click on SPAM

    Enter the address you want to block

    Click on “Add Block”. not forget to click on SAVE CHANGES



    There isn't any SAVE CHANGES. To save your changes just click on the "+" to the right of the address you just listed.


    On occasion the sender changes their name BEFORE @ so block that DOMAIN the following way...

    If you are receiving several emails from the same domain, but various ID's, the easiest way to stop them is to enter the domain into your "Blocked Addresses".

    In Yahoo! mail, to block the senders domain (

    ◘ Click on "Options, upper right corner of mail page".

    ◘ Then "Mail Options".

    ◘ Click on "Spam" from the list on the left.

    ◘ In the "Add a blocked address" box, enter the domain (only the part of the email address AFTER @, do not include @). Note: I have recently seen where you should have the @ included...try them both.

    ◘ Click the "Add" button.

    Now, any email from that domain, no matter what ID is used to send it, will be blocked. not forget to click on SAVE CHANGES (CLASSIC format) at the top of the page......In the NEW VERSION there isn't any SAVE CHANGES. To save your changes just click on the "+" following the box you just put the address in.

    NOTE: there is a limit of 500 addresses in the Block Address box. There may come a time where you have to go in to this box and delete some.


    In addition you can use your FILTERS to send them to the trash or spam folder. on OPTIONS...MAIL OPTIONS...go to the left side and click on FILTERS...once in click on CREATE OR EDIT FILTERS...then click on the site in the box and click on ADD FILTERS..NOTE; this was the only way I could get rid of Yahoo!groups..

    Also, when trying to add addresses in the BLOCKED ADDRESS box it will not allow just names...usually has to have a ".com" or something similar following the name. Filters allow you to send just the names you see in your inbox prior to opening the message in to the Spam folder..

    This is also good for filtering porn. You are able to enter PORNOGRAPHY and SEX in the sender/subject/body section and send it to TRASH in the MOVE TO FOLDER section .


    The free link below has been gaining acceptance in reducing spam.


    Another useful site

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    how can i find someone e-mail address using his phone number and name?

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