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how do you get from Kyoto to Osaka Jo Hall?

I am going for a concert but I have no idea how to get there, and online maps are confusing because Japan has too many train routes. What is the easiest/cheapest route? Thank you!

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    I'd take the train to Osaka, and a cab to the concert! Driving in that traffic is crazy-making!

    Source(s): Been there!
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  • 9 years ago

    Which station do you really want to start from?

    As you said, there are a lot of train lines that you can use.

    If you want to start from Kyoto station, how about this?

    Kyoto - JR Tokaido line -> Osaka - JR Kanjo line -> Osaka-Jo Koen

    Anyway, Google tells you an advice how to get there.

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