Carnaval Barranquilla in Colombia? La comida?

Hey! I am doing a project for my grade 12 spanish class. It's on the Carnaval de Barranquilla. My section is the food, I need a little bit of information regarding the food but mostly recipes. I have done some research but I can't read fully spanish speaking websites yet, so the information is pretty scarce.

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    Barranquilla, the golden door of Colombia

    The carnival, pride of Barranquilla

    the typical is the ''arroz de lisa'' (lisa is a fish) In addition to the lisas, which have to be dried and salted before, the rice has vegetables like onion, sweet pepper, paprika, onion and spices (cumin, salt, pepper)

    Initially, the lisas are cooked in water in order to remove the salt and then shredded. Prepare white rice and when it is dried add the lisas seasoned with finely chopped vegetables and seasonings, and cover for half an hour. It comes in bijao's leaf with finely chopped chives creole, bollo de yuca, avocado salad and guarapo panela.

    -Bollo de yuca: The bollos are a food source based native Indian corn dough wrapped in leaves and baked or boiled cob, traditional and deeply rooted in the Colombian Caribbean Coast. <-- que vaina tan rica! there are ''bollo limpio'', ''bollo de queso'' (with cheese), ''bollo de mazorca'' and so on.

    -Sopa de guandú con carne salada: (soup) Besides the essential ingredient, which is the guandú (pigeon pea) (preferably green), the soup has salted meat (breast), yams, cassava, plantain (which gives it its sweet taste), vegetables (onion, sweet pepper, garlic, chives Creole and cilantro) and spices (cumin, salt, pepper). You can add 'chicharron (pork scratchings). Served with white rice or rice with coconut, cassava roll and brown sugar cane juice or natural juice.

    -Butifarra: is a type of sausage, Botifarra is a very popular dish eaten there with bollo de yuca and lime juice <-- Om nom nom

    -Arepa de huevo: The arepa is a dish made from ground corn dough or corn flour popular in the cuisines of Colombia.

    -Patacon: is a meal of fried flattened pieces of green plantain. it's usually eaten with coastal cheese.

    -Empanada: An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried.


    Source(s): I'm from Barranquilla
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