For Israel to destroy Iran's nukes plants they need 100 jets,and Iran can defend against it,what is obama to?

what is Obama to do?this small war can ignite world war 3 if allowed to commence,since Israel is not well liked in the middle east and Israel's only friends are Britain and America.this can only prove how obama would have handled 911,the American hostages crisis etc...this is the real test to see of talk or brute force was the answer to the Iraq invasion experience tells me that Democrats are not very good at handling foreign crisis,example Iran 400 days American hostage crisis..tell what you think..maybe this what the 2012 prediction was all about.


my fellow yahoo ask posters ,this will be extremely hard to judge the best answer since you are all right on the button,Obama is the president to admit openly in a world news press conference to the world that America assassinates enemies in their own country and that he the president authorizes it(just so he can get the credit going into the elections campaign) no other country's leader would be stupid enough to let the enemy know how it was done,what methods were used ,who carried it out etc..and yet dumb Americans cheered him and will vote for him again not even knowing how big a screw up that move truly was..the black ops personnel do not want to be outed or want their super secrets known to the enemies since the next time they may all be dead.

Update 2:

i have learnt a long time ago that the only way to deal with ANY bully is to head on with force and that goes from the backyard bully to Iran,Russia,China etc..Bush had the right idea

Update 3:

so far all of Obama talks have done nothing,Russia got what they wanted,OBAMA apologized to America's biggest foe China and both Russia and China is with the government of Syria and has veto all of America's efforts at the UN to sanction or help the freedom fighters or to ask the leader to step down...hey obama how is that olive branch diplomacy working for ya there yeeeeehawww!

Update 4:

hahaha..good one Jim ..ever heard the saying "he is doing a song and dance" Obama is most concern about how pretty he looks on TV ,he should have been a comedian not a serious role as a president ,he is joke and the whole knows it!Maggie thatcher in her bio once said ,she made sure every time she went out into the public eye she dressed respectfully ,acted respectfully and knew she carried the British Image with her wherever she went...obama is the complete opposite..the obamas have taken the presidential image to an all time low!! and nobody cares!!haha!

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    No one is talking about destroying any of Iran's nuclear power plants.

    Heck, the Western World offered to GIVE Iran a lifetime supply of fuel rods for their nuclear power plants IF they stop enriching uranium up to the level usable for nuclear weapons rather than fuel, as Iran currently does.

    Many states (including pretty much the entire Middle East except for Syria and Lebanon) agree that if Iran does not stop their nuclear weapons program, that someone needs to destroy it by destroying the buildings they use. But, these are not nuclear power plants.

    And there are very few of them.

    No 100 jets.

    No world war 3.

    Same thing that happened when Iraq and also Syria had their building blown up, some complaining and then nothing.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    I instructed Iran that they might boost nuclear as long as they did no longer positioned a pink elephant on the wall, because it may be a entire waste of money, as a results of fact there would no longer something they might do with it. additionally that the the remainder of the international would be against them. I additionally instructed Iran to decide for low yield nuclear supplies and locate something flamable that they might mixture it with, that way any ability stations that they might build, will have no waste to postpone. in assessment to our problems with severe yield nuclear products. Israel is considered as an American outpost interior the middle East, and is no longer cherished very a lot with the help of the occupants. the priority being defense force ability. If Iran has nuclear weapons then they are untested, the settlement states that they can't try them. so as that is a pointless waste of materials.

  • 9 years ago

    This might sound bad but I'd say send us in. I honestly hope it happens. that might sound bad but Obama doesn't need to show weakness in America. He's already dumb enough to reduce our military in times of war. Lets hope we get a republican in the office this time around. They wont hide from this

  • 9 years ago

    Obama just apologized to the filth who killed two American soldiers in Afghanistan. What do you think he'll do?

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  • HD
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    9 years ago

    obama can do nothing, israel could care less what the u.s. thinks, they will not permit iran to get a nuke. obama doesn't have the balls to stand up to anyone.

  • 9 years ago

    He could sing and dance or maybe even do some bowing.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Obama will probably do nothing

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