what are some bad things that can happen to you because of social networking?

can you think of anything bad (i.e. getting hit by a car because you were checking facebook on your phone) could happen to anyone for any reason because of social networking (twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Here is a few, that have been on the news. There was a guy that met girls on craigslist and then raped them and killed them. There was another one where guys where using myspace to lure young girls and rape them (a few of them were actually murdered). Then there is facebook that has been used to stalk victims, case their homes for future burglaries and learn schedules. Steal identities trough facebook, and of course it never fails murder victims that they found were vulnerable because of facebook.

    All in all social networking can have some very bad consequences. Facebook is fool of idiots so most of them deserve what happened to them; because if they weren't on facebook none of that would have happened to them.

  • hearin
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    4 years ago

    i'm a woman in extreme college and the worst difficulty that I actual have seen take place is that my friends have all been sucked in by potential of social networks...i do no longer use any social networking web content by using fact it has actually taken over their lives!

  • alk99
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    9 years ago

    Obviously as you stated there is the safety side of it... being smart enough to deal with that is a good step. Also, having the intelligence to be able to NOT believe the people that you are "friends" with (unless you know them in real life). As a general rule-of-thumb... consider that everything on-line is a lie until you have proof otherwise.

    Source(s): Me and Common Sense!
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