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Do you wish it was the 1950's again?

I'm only 18, so I wasn't alive but I feel like I would fit in perfectly. The music was fantastic, and everyone had class, respect and decency. Even if they didn't, they could pretend they did. During that time, being in a gang was not about drugs, guns or violence, it was just hanging out with your buddies and sticking through the hard times.

The rebels of that time dressed like refined bikers. The rebels today dress like dirty ghetto pimps. Crime rates are through the roof in every country. Everyone gets taxed a lot and illegal immigration is higher than it ever should have been, while the economy is plummeting.

And on top of that, everyone is too buried in their cell phones to care.

What do you think?

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    My preteen years were the 50's so I wasn't that aware of what was going on around me. But I have read about the 50's. It was your line. Everyone had class or pretended. It was the pretending that got to me. It was a time of dishonesty and hypocrisy. The era looks upon Ozzie & Harriet as exemplars of the good clean living that epitomized the decade. Ignoring the fact that Harriet started dating Ozzie while she was married to someone else. That Ricky and his wife had their baby after six months of marriage. Ozzie and Phil Harmon (a famous sports broadcaster and Ricky's father-in-law) went to the hospital and got it to lie, not about the birth date but about the birth weight, making it appear that the baby had been born premature. Tracy Nelson, a healthy full term baby, spent her first weeks in an incubator to perpetuate the lie.

    The 50's were the era of McCarthyism, the House Unamerican Activities Committee, and the blacklist.

    The 50's included the Korean War and the beginnings of the U.S. involvement in Indochina which became the Vietnam War. Eisenhower was the first to mention the domino theory which was used as justification for our involvement in Vietnam.

    The Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. Emmitt Till, a 14 year old from Chicago visiting an uncle in Mississippi was murdered by two white men. At their trial, they were acquitted by an all white jury. There was not a single black registered voter in the county. The Jim Crow laws of the time kept them from registering. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, beginning the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Little Rock Nine (a group of black students) tried to enter Central High School in Arkansas and needed federal troops to get them through the crowds of white protestors who screamed, spit, and tried to block their way. The first sit-in happened at a Woolworth's lunch counter protesting segregation.

    The Soviet Union launched Sputnik, first into space. NASA was created. We had trouble getting our space program started. Mort Sahl joked that the next missile program would be called Civil Service because it doesn't work and you can't fire it.

    Things are messed up now but I prefer it to a time when everyone pretended and that life was good only for anyone who was white, male, heterosexual, and well off.

    Source(s): The American President by Kathryn Moore
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    a thumbs down some fool does not Like MY life Tough

    I lived through the Fifties I was a Greaser a Rocker a real Motorcyclist and wore A motorcycle Jacket that looked Like the One in wild Ones before this Brandot come Lately and sold My so called Brando jacket and now wear something that has not been named By some Actor that could never act

    In fact the Best Movie that Brandot appeared in was the Young Lions he died In the Movie within 5 Minutes

    I was also a Teddy Boy loved the Long edwardian jackets Drain pipe Trousers and the winkle Pickers

    Pointy toed Boots and were Not onto Violence in any way some of My mates later Joined the Flower Power and ban the Bomb marches

    yes i would Love to Go back Only if I could Know what I know Now when I arrived Otherwise No Reason 1940 1950 1960 1970 In the UK was full of Racists and In australia since My arrival I have Not been subject to any Racism

    were not allowed to Drink Until 21 was not classified an an adult By the Banks until 25 this gave us the Time to actually grow Up Then some Old fools forced 18 year olds to become adults

    I spent My 21 in a coffee shop with all My mates and today as an old man hate Pubs and Drunks

    I did Join the RAF at 17 but drinking In Germany No age Limit was Not my style

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    Ah the good old days! You are joking right?

    "gang was not about drugs, guns or violence, it was just hanging out with your buddies and sticking through the hard times." it was about certainly about violence, people were killed maybe not as much( maybe due to if they were caught they were hanged or imprisonment for life meant 25 years plus...not 2 years suspended, but gang warfare was rife and yes they were polite to people, then killed um!

    In the UK war rationing was still happening................ and no I was not even born then, but I don't wear rose tinted glasses to know life was not as you seem to think it was and at 18 years old you have the opportunity to behave in the way you seem fit, listen to the music you like, be respectful and decent.....

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    You need to research the gangs of the Fifties to see what they were really like. And not everyone received respect, or had class and decency. The music was good, though, except for Elvis. He was going to send us kids straight to heck.

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    Yes. I didn't live in the time but then 10 years later i'm driving muscle cars :)

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    At 18 you would be eligible for National Service - you might even get drafted to Korea - still keen?

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    no. i live in the PRESENT. although their music was nice........... but ours is best

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