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i need help with bullies?

heey, so im 15 in grade 10, and there`s these bully`s in grade 9 i know there younger then me but the keep on throwing stuff at me, pushing, and grabbing me. They also call me a bird because i have a big nose! i know i do, but they don't have to keep saying it! here's a picture of me! ALSO my facebook profile for more pictures i wanted to tell the vice principal but i think it would just make it worse! do you guys think i should?!?! and here's the bully's profiles! and

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    Bullies are all blow. Believe this, when you do stand them down & call their bluff, they stop & cower away. You will have changed the game. And the game is fear. Why don t you say, Why are you so focused on me, don t you like yourself? Let everyone hear it. Change the game. If they threaten you physical harm, say Why don t you do it or stop talking about it? THAT S when they run. Kids have been getting terrible & dangerous advice about bullies. To ignore them gives them fuel to go further & further over long periods of time. I d rather take a punch if I had to!

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    i will give you the secret right now.....go home...and eat as much as you can for the next one month. You would realize they begin to leave you alone...

    Keep eatting for 2/3 more months then don't forget how mean they are to you now.

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  • Oh, I hate when people are jackasses. Anyway, you should talk to them don't be mad just be like "What's your problem?", and then if they remain to be assholes I would talk to a Guidance Counselor, or like you said, a VP.

    Hope I helped! :) (:

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