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Good morning everyone, I ask you to forgive me for my English, I am using the translator. I am Italian, from Milan. Here the situation is critical as you know, you know? (And the Berlusconi crisis ...).

My family (me, 13 years, 41 years my mother, my father 44) we move in Canada, specifically Vancouver.

I English I study for 8 years in a fairly thorough. My mother has studied English for 13 years, while my father does not know much English.

My mom studied at a technical school for tourism while my father has high school diploma.

How do? Experience? Earnings? Family? Quality of life? More information?

Thanks to all and greetings from the beautiful country

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    You will not be able to just move to Canada. You will have to qualify to immigrate and, even then, it will take a long time.

    There is no call for people who studied tourism and if your father has only high school that makes it even tougher. I am sorry about the difficulties and scandal in Italy but those reasons are not enough to allow you easy passage to Canada as immigrants.

    Read through the government website and read it very carefully.



    Non sarà in grado di muoversi solo per Canada. Si dovrà qualificarsi per emigrare e, anche allora, ci vorrà molto tempo.

    Non vi è nessuna chiamata per le persone che hanno studiato il turismo e se tuo padre ha solo il liceo che lo rende ancora più dura. Mi dispiace per le difficoltà e lo scandalo in Italia, ma queste ragioni non sono sufficienti per consentire il passaggio facile in Canada, come gli immigrati.

    Leggere attraverso il sito del governo e leggere molto attentamente.


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  • Anonymous
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    Currently, only people with needed skills are able to get a WorkVisa in Canada.

    The waiting list of people wanting to immigrate into Canada is 3 1/2 years long.

    If you want to immigrate, you will have to go to the back of this line-up.

    Vancouver is extremely expensive. The average cost of a house is CDN$800,000.00

    A 2-bedroom apartment will be around $1000 per month depending on location.

    Source(s): Live here.
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  • 8 years ago Go here for the latest and most current information on coming to Canada

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  • 8 years ago

    I think you need to explore other countries in europe as you cant just move here. if everyone left italy.

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