is it hard to move to the states when you live in Canada and have no family members that are from the states?

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    JJ is off base. You don't need a "green card" to live an work in the US. The "green card" is similar to having PR status. You will need a work visa. It's easier for Canadians (and Mexicans) due to NAFTA. You can get a TN visa. TN visa's are renewed yearly.

    To get a TN visa all you have to do is show up at the border with a letter of employment from a US employer and it being in a job that is qualified for a TN visa.

    To find out info on the TN visa look here:

    For qualified professions look here:

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    It is difficult but not impossible JJ gives one site to look at. This site has lots of information about the procedures and so on.. WARNING it is a private site and is not the official government site.The US immigration officers at Canadian Airports can answer basic questions on procedures and forms and direct you to the appropriate offices and web sites for your needs.

    Source(s): Retired Immigration Officer
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    You have to get a green card, which can be quite depends on what industry your work in. Since an employer has to sponsor your application. you must be applying for a job where workers are in high demand, and they can't find enough people within the USA to fill the position.

    See for more info.

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    Why not stay in Canada. Its a trillion times better in so many ways.

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    Here's a US government website.

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