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Hey Hollister employees! I need help with Hollister interview?

Anyone who worked/works at Hollister? I need a bit of help with their interview. What did you wear to it?

How did you answer the diversity questions? How did you describe Hollister?

Let me know any other questions you got and how you answered them.


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    9 years ago
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    Hi SW,

    For my interview I actually didn't own any hollister but what I wore were dark wash skinny jeans, a light gray, lace-trimmed cami with a navy cardigan. The jeans were AE, the cami was old navy, and the cardigan was anthropolgie. This resembeled what I saw the girls in the store wearing so that's how i decided.

    My advice after working there for just about a year now would be to wear something similar! Unless you're a boy. Here's my advice on appearance --


    dark wash skinny jeans (if they're from hollister, that is a plus! Or jeans without a design on the pocket at all is also a plus. Because jean pocket designs are like a brand's logo.) with a white or gray feminine cami or tank or top (nicer than a t-shirt but not too fancy, just fashionable like the hollister tops sold in the front room, aka "Bettys 1") and a navy cardigan (this is optional, only if it's cold where you live). Or a navy nice top is good too but don't wear a cardigan. For shoes flip flops or vans are prefered. Converse are OK too because they're the A&F shoe, hollister's sister company.

    ---Examples of good shirts (all in white or navy or grey): OR OR

    (you don't have to wear those exact ones, of course. but those are some examples so you get the idea)


    dark wash slim fitting or straight-cut jeans. Boots are fine, though. Pair this with an oxford shirt, preferably in white or white with a navy patter (like stripes, checkered, etc) or a white t-shirt with a navy cardigan or a white or navy polo. Wear this with flip flops or vans. And converse are OK too since they're the A&F shoes, Hollister's sister company.

    ----Examples of good shirts: OR OR (in white or navy preferably) OR (in navy over a white tee)

    Appearance beyond just clothing, girls:

    wear your hair somewhat naturally. Do style it if your hair is a frizzy mess, of course! But don't dye it a funky color or have obvious streaky highlights or put any accessories in it. Both guys and girls shouldn't wear any jewelry but a watch is OK if you want some sort of jewelry. Girls can wear one stud in each ear. No acrylic or painted fingernails. Painted toenails are encouraged though if you wear flipflops! No eyeliner or eyeshadow! but a small amount of black or brown mascara with foundation and blush is fine. Try to look as natural, pretty, well-groomed, and friendly as possible!!

    Appearance beyond just clothing, boys:

    Don't over-style or gel your hair and shave your facail hair!! Both guys and girls shouldn't wear any jewelry but a watch is fine if you want to accessorize with something. Try to look as well-groomed, natural, sexy, and friendly as possible!!

    Interview questions

    There is always, without exception, one question (at least) about diversity. It is: "What does diversity mean to you and why is it important in the work place?"

    I had to answer first :( luckily I knew this was going to be asked. I said: "Diversity is the intermingling and cooperation of many different cultures, which includes racial identies, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, and many other variables. This is important at the work place in hollister because I know that hollister caters to all lifestyles and wants its employees to feel comfortable and it's customers to feel welcomed. No one wants to shop where they feel unwanted and no one will be happy to come to work if they feel they aren't accepted. And it is hollister's goal to create a happy and fun environment in their store, to acheive this goal, its employees must be accepting of diversity." It probably wasn't that eloquent and I probably said "like" a few times in there, but that's the jist of it.

    And other questions are like "what are three words to describe yourself?" and I said "friendly, optimistic, and caring"

    and "How would you describe hollister" which I said "It is a beachy, fashionable store that promotes a carefree lifestyle. They have cute and relaxed clothes that are flattering and casual."

    Look up "hollister interview quetions" on google if you haven't already and you'll get a ton of questions that the company really uses for hollister and a&f interviews (because i interviewed and got hired at both places)

    Best Wishes,


    PS: my best tip is to be FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): hollister store model for almost a year!
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    5 years ago

    You really need to act bold and approachable, they dont want really shy people woking there, they want people that will have conversations w/ the customers, and will be friendly, so try to be as open as possible, also dress in holliser when you go to apply, smile alot, and make sure you look very neat and stylish, that a big part of it, like you would really want someone working there that dresses in kmart would you? you need to fit that part. But the best advice i can give you is be very very friendly, and (not while the interview is going on) but before or after make friends w/ some of the other interviewee's and just show them that your very much a people person. GOOD LUCK!!!

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