Poker..... this or that.?

1. Online or Live.

2. Winning $9 Million from Main Event or $9 Million from Bobby's Room.

3. Solid poker pro or luckbox one big tournament.

4. JTs or 88.

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  • NVF
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    9 years ago
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    1. Online, more hands in less time = more profit (or loss)

    2. Depends on your goals. Winning $9M in the WSOP Main Event might be a poker player's dream and validate his or her entire career. But some might not care about the glory and fame and just care about the $9M win. The fame can actually be negative, if everybody knows you're the WSOPME champion they will try to win and outplay you in every pot making any big future tournament you play an infernal minefield of people specifically targeting you.

    3. Solid poker pro - Being a luckbox in one big tournament might mean a win of $1M or more, but solid poker pro means a lifetime of winning the game and possibly up to $10M+ or more.

    4. 88>JTs. 88 has an EV of +.25 returned on bets in a pot, whereas JTs has an EV of +.15.

  • 9 years ago

    1. Live, more conducive to soul-owning, and you can stare into their soul while owning it.

    2. Main Event because of the sponsors afterward.

    3. Scotty Nguyen when he's plastered FTW!!!

    4. Hmmm...flopping sets is heaven, but I think I still want JTs

  • 9 years ago

    Nail 'EM All... WTF? Pick N Choose..

    Heck with the Main Event..! There is going to be (so I have heard) A million dollar buy in this year at the WSOP.. That's the "ONE" to be in!

    #1 Both... To be well rounded..

    #2 already answered

    #3 BOTH Depends on how much I have had to drink

    #4 J 10 Suited is my "FAVORITE" !! pkt 8s have really cost me. Sometimes tuff 2 dump.. Lot-O-Times no good all in.. pf

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