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magic the gathering tap assistance needed?

i was wondering when a player can use a tap ability, i know on your turn for sure, but what about on the opponents turn or even during combat? can someone say when u can and can't use tap abilities?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The 'tap ability' you are referring is actually called 'activated ability'. Activated ability looks like this:

    [Cost]: [Effect] [Activation instruction (if any)].

    Cost can be 'tap', 'sacrifice a creature', '2G', 'pay 1 life'.

    When you activate an activated ability, you have to pay the [Cost]. Once you did that, the [Effect] will be put on the stack waiting to be responded to or to be resolved. No player can stop you from paying the cost but your opponent will be given priority to response to the activated ability (except for mana ability) on the stack.

    Unless othervise noted, you can activate an activated ability anytime you can cast an instant.

    Exceptioin includes but not limited to:

    Equip of equipments

    Planeswalker's royalty abilities

    Unless another effect or spells says othervise, you can cast instant during your opponent's turn and/or during combat.

    Source(s): My experience, Comprehensive Rules (the official MTG rule). I have been playing since Ice Age (1995).
  • 9 years ago

    Assuming you mean an ability that reads, "(Tap): do something...", you can use that after the creature has started a turn in play on your side of the table. Say on turn one, you cast Llanowar Elves, whixh taps for one green mana. You pass the turn, then your opponent plays and passes back to you, Llanowar is now in play on your side, so you could use his ability.

    Once the card becomes available for use, you can use it any time you could cast an instant, once you have priority. As an example, you could use it during your main phases to add G to your mana pool. Another example would be this: Your LE is untapped. Your opponent Shocks it, trying to get rid of your mana base. Shock is on the stack and your opponent passes priority. You then tap the elves, casting Giant Growth to give it +3/+3, saving it from a grisly death,

  • 9 years ago

    Unless an ability has a restriction on it, the ability can be used at instant-speed. If the ability says it can only be used at sorcery-speed or if the creature has summoning sickness, you have to follow what it says.

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