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When a staff user fights a sword user?

When a staff fighter and sword fighter of eqaul skill in their respective weapons spar with wach other, what are the disadvantages/advantages of each. Who has the the overall theorectical advantage outside the obvious.

BQ: if a person grabs your staff, what kind of techniques can be used to knock the person off without having to risk losing leverage.


@jwbulldo lets say a long bo staff.

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    too many variables to be thought out in my mind properly

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    Are you referring to a long staff like a Bo or a shorter staff like the Jo?

    It makes a difference.

    The Jo was used to fight against the sword. The advantage goes to the better skilled person. Using a Jo you can use a variety of different techniques to throw or do joint locks if someone were able to grab it.

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  • Kokoro
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    A weapon is no more then an extention of the body. And is only as usefullas the person using it.

    It doesn't matter the weapon it matters how good the person yeilding the weapon can use it.

    And thereare hundreds if not thousands of sword types, lengths, as well as single and double sword styles

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